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Welcome to Dubai

If you are thinking of going for a vacation then you will love to visit the beautiful place of Dubai. You must have heard about the place or have seen wonderful pictures showcasing the many wonders of Dubai. Travelers can tell you a lot reasons why Dubai is considered a popular vacation spot. They say the place has almost everything a person would want to see and experience if he wants to spend a memorable and relaxing vacation.

Vacations Dubai is famous for its sandy beaches and fashionable towering malls. There are fancy restaurants that will open your eyes to a different experience in dining.

The 5-Star Accommodation

Dubai will welcome you with its wide selection of 5 star hotels. Some of these hotels include the famous The Monarch Dubai. This 5 star will show you what luxury is all about. When you choose to stay in this hotel, you will have a good look of the Arabian Gulf and also Dubai City. There are 5 restaurants in this hotel which also has 33 floors.

Another wonderful hotel which is proud of its great hotel designs is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. When you see the design of the hotel then you will know why this hotel is considered and attraction in Dubai. This hotel is built in an island which is near the shore. The design of the hotel is excellent from the interior to its exterior.

Moreover if you want to be in a new hotel in Dubai where Hollywood stars are reported to frequent in then you have Jumeira Beach Club. This beach club is located just within the Arabian Club. This hotel brags of its excellent service and luxurious style which captured the hearts of Hollywood superstars.

Beaches and Entertainment

Dubai is not known as a place that has almost everything if it is missing the fun and entertainment. One of the famous entertainment places here in Dubai is the Al Bustan Rotana. This is the place you would like to be in if you want 5-star accommodation and a complete relaxation package all in one place.

There is more that Dubai can offer to the world. Beautiful beaches are also great vacation spots in Dubai. Once you have visited the Al Mamzar beach and park, you will know why this beach is truly amazing.

Enjoying Your Stay in Dubai

There are wonderful places to spend your vacation at and Dubai is definitely one place you don’t want to miss out. Through the years Dubai has seen a lot of progress and developments when it comes to their tourism. They have done a lot of amazing and astonishing changes that are putting them at the top of the list. People who have experienced Dubai and its wonderful vacation spots can attest how it their stay became worth their while.

When you are in Dubai, you will get to enjoy your vacation if you don’t just stay in your inside your hotel room. The beauty of Dubai is best appreciated when you go around the city and see the other places.

By Cryogene Clooney, published at 01/15/2012
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Vacations Spots In Dubai. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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