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Uruguay Vacations - 5 Fantastic Things To Do

Published at 07/19/2011 14:55:40

 Uruguay is a country shrouded in mysterious beauty. Long gone are the Spanish conquistadors but their legacy lives on in the people. Because the temperature is great all year round and the scenery is lush, this is the perfect destination for people who want to experience a different kind of trip. The vacations Uruguay has to offer are as diverse as can be. Here are the top five things you can do when you come visit.

 Head over to Teatro Solis in Montevideo to watch a play. This grand edifice is truly majestic. Built in 1856, it is Uruguay's oldest theater. Phillippe Starcke made two columns for this beautiful monument of artistic expression. Take a guided tour to hear more about the history of the structure.

Visit La Rabida in San Jose de Mayo for some 'gaucho' fun. This is their version of a 'dude' ranch belongs to the Artagaveytia - Pardo Santayanas. They are a traditional family that recieve people who wish to immerse themselves in the true Uruguayan experience. Visitors are shown around in horse-drawn carriages. They are treated to asado (barbequed beef) and other delicacies of the locality. Life on a farm has never been so interesting and informative.

Stay at the Casapueblo in Punta Ballena. This beautiful hotel is owned by the famous Uruguayan artist, Carlos Paez Vilaro. Situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean, this architectural masterpiece is dominating yet beautiful at the same time. The stark whiteness adds a touch of minimalism that compliments the rough beauty of the cliff. This is a romantic spot that all travelers should not miss.

 The local cuisine is mouth-watering. Aside from asado, the locals enjoy all sorts of beef products like chivitos (steak sandwiches), barbequed kidneys and sausages. Wash it all down with clerico (a mixture of wine and fruit juice) or the national drink they call mate. This country is a haven to all the food aficionados with a soft side for all things made with beef.

Burn off all that beef with a Bicycle Tour. This is an eco-friendly and unique way of seeing Uruguay. They charge a reasonable amount and you are treated to a different view of the city. Many people have given good feedback about this alternative way to go sight seeing.

Tips and comments:

 Uruguay proves that modernity and traditionalism can co-exist. This country will leave you wanting more. The weather is perfect all throughout the year which makes it an ideal place to visit anytime. Fall in love with this luscious South American destination.


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