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Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties

Published at 12/31/2011 16:03:48


 Is your Party Green?

You will be able to tell very quickly if the party was a green one when the time comes to clean up. At the end of the party, when you have to recover loads and loads of plastic waste, this is not an environmentally friendly party. This simply means landfill. Making sure that you leave a small carbon footprint behind you has you walk through life, is a good feeling, because you are doing your part when it comes to saving the planet. Follow the tips below if you are planning the greenest party ever, and, do not miss any of these tips.  


 Have a look at the small things

Using recycled paper is always good, and you can use this paper to create invitations. You can also use the same scrap paper used at previous parties and events for the invitations. Getting friends and family together to create the invitations is lots of fun and each one would be unique. You can also send invitations via email, because that is the greenest way to do it. Email invitations are faster and you can reach a wider audience easily and cheaply. So besides being environmentally friendly, you are also saving money and time.

Look at the alternatives

Instead of going out and buying wrapping paper for all those gifts, why not use recycled paper painted in cool colors? The other option is to use newspaper and decorating it. You would be surprised to what you will be able to do with newspaper. Invite friends to bring along their unwrapped gifts, so they can follow your example. Add stars, diamond shapes and many others to newspaper wrapping to make it look original.  Recycled paper is the best thing you can do on your birthday if you want to have an environmentally friendly birthday party.


 You are getting there

The other thing you want to keep in mind is using reusable cups and plates. You should also use cloth table covers and napkins, because it will save on waste. If you find that this leads to a time consuming clean up, you can use disposable cups and plates that can be turned in to compost. Just bury these in the garden and let Mother Nature do the rest. You will not go wrong with this one again. There is no better way of taking good care of our environment.

Tips and comments

 Eat with Your Hands

Finger foods are also environmentally friendly, because it cuts out using disposable forks. Have a look at nuts, small fruits, cherries, grapes and whatever the season offers. You can go green and it is very easy.  These are some of the tips you can use for your birthday, the good thing about going green is the fact that you will also be saving a lot of money. In fact, you will spend up to thirty percent less if you use recycles paper and materials. You have nothing to lose by using the suggested tips above, you will become one of the most responsible citizens in your community.