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Published at 12/30/2011 15:59:03


 When you are planning a birthday party for the kids, you need to come up with something very creative that they are going to enjoy until the end. Once you have a theme, you need to take care of invitations and favour bags to compliment it. It is always best to incorporate what your child likes into the party theme; because this will be something they will love and always remember. Why not consider some of the ideas suggested below and you will never forget your child’s birthday.


 Look at a firefighter. Their lives are adventurous, they are compassionate and they are exciting, when looking at them from a child’s eyes. What you could do here is contact your local fire department and arrange so that the celebrant visits the station. Arrange it so that a few pictures can be taken while your child is on the pole or even wearing a fireman’ hat.

Now with the pictures, you can use it at the party and hang it around the room so that it compliments the theme.  You could also visit a costume store and hire firefighter jackets for all the kids and helmets to go along with it. They will definitely love this theme and the photos will be there forever, they will live to remember it for the rest of their lives.


 Creating a fashion extravaganza will be perfect for kids and also give them the chance to create their own jewelry, clothing and the many accessories people wear on a daily basis. You can create the invitations so that they resemble backstage passes. You could also create a great fashion show for the kids and a catwalk to go with it.

There is so much you can do if you just allow your mind to take you there. If you think you are not that creative, then get a friend or a family member to assist you with the preparations. Alternatively you can hire a kids party specialist to do it for you, they have got all the ideas to make your child’s birthday memorable.

Tips and comments

 How about a carnival theme? Kids love carnivals or amusement parks.  Here you can serve popcorn, candyfloss and hotdogs. Get friends together to create some cool games for the kids to play. You can make the invitations look like a top tent or even make it look like a ticket to get in. If you choose this theme, you will find that it will be best to have it outdoors. Include face painting and a few of your own ideas.  There is no doubt the kids will love a themed party, and there is no doubt they will have the best time ever!

To get the best results, involve the kids in the planning stage. You will not have problems coming up with the best theme if they can help with some suggestions. Remember whatever you are going to do for your little one, must fit in your budget.


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