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Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties For Girls

Educating your girls with the perfect environmentally friendly birthday parties

Today birthday parties for girls have advanced from the normal girly stuff we used to know to the combination of more colors especially green colors since the whole world is been advised to go green. Just imagine all the papers used to decorate the home or place and even plastic toys that are given out as gifts to celebrants; it becomes very difficult to achieve the going green policy even if you want to.

Although you want to go green, it is important to consider the interest of your girl and if she is really interested in the whole environmentally friendly birthday party process. It is important if you convince her by telling her some of the beautiful things having a go green party entails to build her interest.

Going green with birthday parties for girls

There is no way on earth you can dictate or tell a quest the exact type of gift you would want to be presented to your daughter which makes the process of going green very difficult but if you are someone who feels there is no harm in doing it can type it in their invitations to guests. Some people feel going green means having a boring birthday party but the truth is that you have the power to make sure your girl’s birthday party is unique even though you are going green. You can also make sure a venue that is pretty much near all guests to ensure that fuel is saved. Saving energy with a good celebration is the most likely way to celebrate birthday. There are many ways to celebrate environment friendly birthday parties for girls.

Planning environmentally friendly birthday parties for girls

When planning environmentally friendly birthday parties for girls, it is important to know that themes play a very important role in affecting the type of gifts brought to the birthday party. You can start by declaring a gardening theme and you will see how guests will respond in bringing gifts like seeds and so on. Where food and drinks are concerned, you can decide to serve homemade fruit juice which children will definitely love and food that contains more vegetables. Although birthday parties are supposed to be fun an exciting you have the power to make sure they are really all of that.

Some tips on how to ensure that environmentally friendly birthday parties for girls

  • Make sure you keep the birthday party simple but not out of class
  • You can give out eco friendly party favors to guests when they come to the party. Some examples can include soy candles, and so on.
  • Make sure invitation cards are in paperless. You can search the internet for free online paperless invitations
  • Also, make sure you use bamboo table ware. Today, unlike some years ago using bamboo table ware is becoming popular which has led to many choices in and designs you can choose from.
  • Try vegan or fruit cakes.
  • Remember, the process is never easy but so long as you can make things work by planning well and ahead of time there is no course to worry.
  • If you want to go green, go green do not go halfway.
By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/12/2012
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Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties For Girls . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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