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Unique Themes For Sports Birthday Parties


Birthdays for children are very important as they consider it to be their day. If you are planning a party for your kid, who is a sports person and has had a recent soccer game, well then, sports birthday parties are not all that hard to plan. These sports themed parties are not limited to boys. There are many sporty girls as well who love playing basketball or soccer or other games. Whatever the gender may be, it’s not easy to arrange a perfect themed birthday party. But you can come up with really unique ideas to make your kid's special day extra special and also according to his/her wishes, giving them one of those sports birthday parties they want.


Before you begin, you have to decide upon the theme. Whatever sport you choose, it must be your kid's favorite. It could be football, rugby, baseball, basket ball, badminton or etc. As the cake is the basic eatable and all the kids are excited about it, the cake can be of the shape of a soccer ball or a badminton racquet. Or you can go for cupcakes in the shape of shuttlecocks or basket balls, whichever matches the party theme. For sports birthday parties, you can offer sports drinks, instead of other types of beverages. They are very easy to get. Go to any grocery store and get at least a dozen bottles or more for larger parties. You can arrange plates, napkins and the decorations according to the theme. For instance, a cricket themed birthday could have a paper banner with a "Happy Birthday" slogan. Use creative ideas to make invites as well. One fun party invitation idea is to make the invites out of game tickets. You can buy blank game tickets at many party supply stores.


Apart from the eatables, the location of the birthday is very important. You can arrange it in your garage or if you want something unique for sports birthday parties, you can arrange it in a local park where the boys and girls can actually play their sports. To make your birthday party memorable, fun and full of amusement, you can arrange some games like a mini golf area, a small basket to throw a ball in and etc. The winner of these games could be given exciting, sporty presents such as sports stationary. As it is a sports themed party, you can arrange a game of your child's choice afterwards for all the children. You can also play with your children as it would be fun for them. To make your birthday party special, select a dress code. For a soccer themed part, kids can come in their soccer shirts and shoes, for cricket they can come in their relevant clothing. To make it even more interesting, each kid can represent a different country or league of the game that is the theme. Also, the eatables should be their favorites like pizza, soda and chips. You can make sporty goody bags for children as well. All the components of the goody bag would have to be something related to sports. There could be a ping-pong ball along with small figures of different players.

Tips and comments

Sports birthday parties can be fun to plan. You have to plan them while keeping your budget in mind.  Sport themed party planning also depends on the age of the children. Make sure to plan a party that is age appropriate.

By Amara, published at 01/23/2012
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