Party Invitations For  Girl  Birthday Parties
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Party Invitations For Girl Birthday Parties

Published at 01/14/2012 16:50:48


Party Invitations For  Girl  Birthday Parties

Now a days, children of all ages want their friends to be invited over for a party on their birthday. They want their party to be better than that of the other kid’s, it’s like they have their own little competition. Girls are more enthusiastic to make their birthday party better than that of any other girl’s in their school, in order to attain popularity. This may be one of the reasons why birthday girl parties require more money. These birthday girl parties have different decorations, themes and invitation cards.


Party Invitations For  Girl  Birthday Parties

Children have this competition over their birthday parties. They want theirs to be the best in order to gain popularity in their respective schools. Birthday girl parties have the same aim; which is to stand out.


Party Invitations For  Girl  Birthday Parties

Moreover, there are party decorators, theme and interior designers who are called upon to make the parties attractive and decorative. Children have the option to choose from amongst a wide range of party themes. Girls of ages 5 to 12 prefer a birthday party with a princess or a Barbie theme. In a Barbie theme party, all the guests are asked to dress up in pink which is the color usually worn by Barbie dolls. Others prefer a theme of Disney princesses like Cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty etc. and in such parties the birthday girl dresses up as the princess and the entire party area has a grand look and the cake along with its icing is designed according to the theme. Girls of ages 5 to 13 also like to have a Hannah Montana theme party, with all Hannah Montana songs being played and the cake designed with either Hannah Montana written on it or drawn on it. Young girls, less than 10 years, like having a Dora the Explorer theme with the balloons, cake, seating etc designed like the entire cartoon set up. Girls older than 14 years like having a theme that is totally different from the entire Disney concept. Girls of this age group like having a Hollywood style party. In these parties a proper dance floor is designed and a DJ is called to play a selected list of dance songs, mostly Justin Bieber songs. Girls who have their sweet sixteen parties focus on dress selection. They select an outfit that is outstanding and which will make them look pretty for their sweet sixteen parties. They also have a proper invitation, which represents the theme party they are having. A lot of money is spent on these birthday parties.

Tips and comments

Birthday girl parties are very expensive to design. It requires a lot of money and people belonging to the upper class mostly allow their daughters to have a fancy Hollywood style party. But if someone is on a budget and still wants to have a party, then there are certain designers who can help them design their party in limited money. This party might be organized at a lower price but would still be good and look like its extravagant and fancy.


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