Unique Themes For  1st Birthday Parties
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Unique Themes For 1st Birthday Parties

Published at 01/22/2012 03:31:13


Unique Themes For  1st Birthday Parties

People like to celebrate their child’s first birthday and throw big 1st birthday parties. People of all classes try celebrating their child’s 1st birthday parties in the most unique way, to celebrate the love for their child. This 1st birthday party has to be unique, according to many people.


Unique Themes For  1st Birthday Parties

The 1st birthday parties always have to be extravagant and lavish. It’s seen in most cases that couples are most excited about the first birthday of their baby. Gradually they lose the vigour. Thus, the first birthdays are the most extravagant ones. There are many ways through which a child’s first birthday can be celebrated.


Unique Themes For  1st Birthday Parties

People nowadays hire designers and decorators to decorate 1st birthday parties. First birthday parties have many possible themes and various themes have been selected by people over the years. One of the most famous themes include Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid, the Looneytoon theme, Tom and Jerry and others related to many famous cartoons. In these themed birthday parties, there are many rides that are built for the children and many stalls are put up for face painting, finger painting, games and etc. At the end of the party, every child is given a goody bag with little gifts in them like stationary, balloons, candy, toys and etc. These are given at every birthday. Deciding themes for a 1st birthday party can be one heck of a task which is why designers and party decorators are called on to make the function good. This day is very memorable and special for both the parents and they, therefore, try to make the party good enough to brag about it for when their child is grown up and looks at the pictures and see how much his/her parents love him. When a theme for the party is decided, the next step is designing the cake. In designing a cake, the type of icing used depends upon what color goes with the theme. The cake can be given different shapes; it can be in the shape of various cartoon characters or can be a simple cake. People in many cases start looking for ideas for a child’s birthday party when he/she is just a few months old. Many people prefer having a carnival theme birthday party. This theme has become very famous nowadays. In many other birthday parties, bubble machines are brought since toddlers are amazed by the bubble formation and this makes them really happy. People also focus on the clothes of the birthday boy or girl. The clothes that they wear should also go with the theme. For those who can afford it, these clothes also have to be designed rather than just picked out from a readymade stock of outfits.

Tips and comments

When decorating 1st birthday parties, you should always try thinking out of the box so that the theme of your child’s party is more unique. You should also never stop thinking about your budget because it is very important. Because you are looking forward to make your child’s big day the most special day of his life, rather than getting yourself broke. Therefore, you should always think about the expenses and must always spend the amount that is affordable for you.


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