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Great Party Rental Tips For Kid Birthday Parties

Published at 01/14/2012 10:26:02

Places to have kid birthday parties

Although parents feel very comfortable having kid birthday parties at home because they feel it is safe there, it is mostly not advisable to have kid birthday parties in the home. Nevertheless the home can be fine depending on the plan or birthday theme you have for the party because some birthday themes call for specific locations to ensure that the birthday party is complete.

Some kid birthday parties venues to consider

There are so many venues where you can have your kid’s birthday party without spending so much. Some of these venues include;

  • The local or community park. The reason why local or community parks are best for kids birthday parties if because they are spacious and also safe. If you are planning an outdoor themed birthday party, having enough space to make sure kids are free to play, run and also eat without feeling stressed out. Also, the park provides so much air which makes it a refreshing atmosphere for kids.
  • Museum or zoo. For birthday parties that are nature themed, using the museum or zoo as a venue is best because it not only gives the children the opportunity to have fun but also helps them to learn more about their favorite animals.
  • Church fellowship hall or church car park. So many churches allow their church members to have birthday parties at the church premises including other religious and special occasions so you can make good use of the church premises. Using the church works wonders for many people especially because there are no rental fees involved. All you have to do is to seek for permission from the church pastor or secretary in advance in order to make sure your celebration does not coincide with another program.   
  • If your birthday theme is about games, then it will be best if you have the birthday party at a game facility where there are many games available for children to have fun with. You can even decide to have a party organizer plan the birthday party for you.

Planning ahead of time to save you the stress

It is always good to plan ahead of time because it gives you an upper hand which means you are able to fix every aspect of the celebration before the exact day. Planning ahead also helps you to enjoy yourself on your kid’s birthday party because you have nothing major to do than to supervise. Proper planning will result in extreme enjoyment, not just for your kids but for all the guests present in the party.

Party venue rental tips for kid birthday parties

There are so many tips to consider when renting a venue for your kid’s birthday party;

  • Never pay rental fee to a third party who claims to know the owner.
  • Make sure you pay for the venue at most a month in advance before the day to prevent disappointment.
  • Make sure you have a budget and try very hard to negotiate the rental cost if it is way out of your budget.
  • Never put a venue on your invitation when you know you have not paid for it.


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