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Interesting Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

Published at 01/18/2012 22:34:09

Interesting ideas for kids birthday parties

When you are planning a kids birthday party, you would certainly be pondering over the best theme you could have, the food to accompany, and the best party games to have. Planning a birthday party is not so easy if you are out of ideas. When we are engrossed in our busy little world, we don’t usually get the time to think about original ideas ourselves and so these interesting kids birthday parties ideas will really help you.

Themes for your kid’s birthday party- girls

Here are some great kids birthday parties ideas to decide on the theme. First consider the gender and the age group of the child. If the child is younger like a toddler or a preschooler, you can have cute themes like fancy dress party, pirate party, super hero party, princess party, etc.

If the age group is higher, then you have lots to think about so that your own kid gets satisfied. For girls, you can go for the spa theme in which all the girls would be doing nail painting, make overs, hair styling and it will be a full girly time. For girls, you can even go for a princess theme in which you can have your girl dressed as a princess with a crown and you can ask everyone else to dress as princesses. The decorations will include this theme with royal touch like crowns on cupcakes, etc. basically all the best kids birthday parties ideas for girls are based indoors.

Themes for boys birthday parties

For older boys, you can have a super hero theme and have everyone dressed as superheroes. There are many activities to go with this theme. For boys, you can even go for an outdoor party in a park, in a restaurant or some club where all the boys can enjoy their favorite activity together.  Boys usually like to hang out and get indulged in some activity so make sure that you include a lot of games in your party whichever theme you choose. Look for some exciting kids birthday parties ideas for boys.

Food for your kids birthday party

There are many kids birthday parties ideas for having the best food that children will love and which is also party-ish. You should go for cupcakes and have them custom made based on your theme. Bake them yourself if you are a good baker. For food, you can have pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, cookies, yogurt, and ice cream.

Games for your birthday party

To have great kids birthday parties ideas to organize and decide which games you should have, you only have to search google to find many articles on it. The best game and the oldest game is pin the tail on the donkey which is really exciting and funny. Have the children pin the tail on the donkey while they are blindfolded and see how they make it funny by doing it wrongly. Have a hula hoop game and see who hula hoops the longest. Simon says is also a good game for younger kids. Musical chairs is famous in every birthday party. Treasure hunt game is the most exciting when you hide a gift around the house and the one who finds it gets the gift.


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