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How To Organise Boy Birthday Parties

Planning boy birthday parties

When it comes to boy birthday parties and celebrations the first thing popped up in your mind is always the most common occasion of the worldwide that is none other than a birthday party. And it is always exciting and thrilling to receive a boy birthday parties invitation card. Here are some joyful ideas for astonishing boy birthday parties.

Boy birthday parties for toddlers and preschoolers

When it comes for boys then the first thing which matters is age group, you should always keep the age group in your mind before organizing any birthday party. as far as toddlers or preschool group is concerned, you should pick a nice color theme like aqua blue and parrot green or you  can  also go with an apple red. its best to plan this group party indoor. give a party look to your home by having loads of balloons attached on the ceilings, doors, pillars. Decorate with ribbons, stars, confetti, etc.  Play some nursery songs like the wheels on the bus and clap your hands;this will automatically lead the party to go in a dancing and jumping mode. You can also have some other music like the Wiggle’s songs especially ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’. Moreover, hire a clown to entertain your kids with his silly pranks, funny faces and much more. And when it is time for blowing up the candles then a big Disney cartoon car cake will hit the ground. ofcourse there is no good bye without the party favors so make special goody bags filled with chocolates, munchkins, lollypops and some small toys.

Boy birthday parties for older boys

For your 5 year old to your going-to-be-teenager, you have many options like you can throw a surprise birthday party in a best restaurant or a park or you can always plan cartoon theme character party at your place in your garden. First choose great invitation cards and you can also add printable pages attached with the card telling about the games, the gifts and much more. if you want to go for a theme party then you can choose Disney cartoon characters like mickeys club and Disney cars. and u can choose pirate boat birthday theme or the holly wood star themes . give your kid’s guests an amazing time by organizing some good magic shows which will not only show some magic tricks with skills but also focus on comedy and jokes. it would  fill your birthday party with cherish moments and fun filled laughter.

Games for boy birthday parties

The best part of  the party will start when you will have games like a  treasure hunt game in your garden or back yard by hiding cd’s or small objects at different places and give click cards to the kids and the winner will be awarded with some nice gift or treat. There are also other games for boy birthday parties like hula hoop, pin the tail on the donkey, limbo, musical chairs, simon says, etc. I hope by using these simple ideas and tips you can make your boy birthday parties stunning, fun filled and memorable for lifetime. This kind of party will remain as happy memories in your boy's life.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/18/2012
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