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Interesting Ideas For Pony Birthday Parties

Published at 01/19/2012 13:59:13

Why pony birthday parties are special events

Most kids dream owning real ponies which may at times prove not possible given the high cost of real ponies. While owning ponies may not be possible, holding event full pony birthday parties is very possible. They act as a great turning point for the child and whether the ponies at the event are real or fantasy, choosing a pony theme during your birthday can offer your child the most colorful and memorable moments of his life time. Your birthday party and the celebration shoud create good memories in the child and all your guests. Therefore, plan in advance and execute well.

Pony riding during pony birthday parties celebrations

Having a real riding party can make one of the most unique events ever. If you are organizing riding for children, it’s good to determine the number of kids who have confirmed attending the event so that you can plan effectively and schedule activities. Many pony companies may require adults accompanying the children to sign safety waiver for the kids. When celebrating pony birthday parties with real riding, it’s preferable to hold the event at a ranch rather than having it at home. Also, research for good pony companies with experienced staff to make the event more joyful. Professionals are always good for this job.

Why a Wild West party may be a good idea

To have enjoyable and fun filled pony birthday parties, it’s good to have a mixed gender party where both boys and girls are in attendance. Having Wild West pony birthday parties can be the most thrilling idea you can have for your party celebrations. Boys attending the party will have a chance of dressing up like cowboys and girls who like dressing up like cow girls can primary pay attention to the pony aspect of the party. Such parties will require activities that focus on the pony theme and one of the best activities is watching pony movies. Pony decorations in a Wild West party may include ropes or crepe papers that are twisted to take the form of a rope. Also having hay bales and drawings of horses are a nice match for the theme. Activities should provide a back up to the theme.

My little pony birthday party ideas

If real toys are not available, the classic little pony makes a great theme for pony birthday parties. Most kids especially girls are interested in my little pony toys and its nice to have them as guests in the party. As special party favors, giving out pony accessories or ponies can be a unique way to thank your guests. Games for my little pony event can include watching movies about my little pony or TV series featuring ponies.

My little pony cake decorating ideas

If you are planning pony birthday parties for your little pony, there are many cake techniques you can adopt for the party. Some of the best pony cake techniques are such as making a rainbow cake, my little pony picture cake or having a real pony toy cake. To make the cake appealing and well decorated, you may hire the services of a professional baker. 


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