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Unique Themes For 50th Birthday Parties

Published at 01/21/2012 06:43:17

Planning 50th birthday parties

If you think that kids are the only ones who love birthday parties, then you are mistaken and totally wrong. 50th birthday parties can be the most enjoyable moments in the life of adults if well planned and executed. Adults love birthday parties as much as children. While planning a 50th birthday party, it’s nice to hire an experienced event planner if you are not experienced in the area. If you opt to plan the party by yourself it’s good that you use a birthday party checklist and follow the required steps to make an eventful party.

Budget for 50th birthday parties

Just like other birthday parties, it’s always essential to budget wisely for 50th birthday parties. You need to be realistic on the kind of party you want and always stick to your initial budget. Avoid falling into temptations of altering your budget as it may confuse you at the end. Determine the major factors that are likely to affect your budget such as the level of extravagant, entertainment, type of meals and party beverages as well as event decorations and plan your party accordingly. When budgeting for 50th birthday parties, let the largest proportion fall to the must haves of the party and the remainder to minor items of the party.

Picking a theme for 50th birthday parties

Actually, when deciding on 50th birthday parties themes, most of the themes are applicable and anything goes. Themes can range from surprise parties to casino nights celebrations. When choosing an appropriate theme, always bear in mind that the party is in honor of an important person thus avoid anything that may be a bad taste and an embarrassment to the host. You may also pick a unique theme to make the party more special. One unique theme applicable to 50th birthday parties is ‘Party Back to the Teens’. That can be a surprise party where everyone comes dressed as a teenager. The host of the party is reminded of his teenage years. A ‘5oth birthday Antique’ would also make such a unique theme for the party. It’s an original theme in nature and offers many decorating options.  Stimulating an atmosphere of antiquity at the event is rather simple through buying some simple flowers, some craft stores, wooden equipments and so on. If you are not for the idea of having an ‘over the hill party’ which can also be a unique theme in its own right, celebrating a this is our life party can still be a good choice of 50th birthday parties themes. Other great and unique themes are such as having a ‘mock funeral party ‘or ‘I remember party’. Actually, most themes are applicable in 50th birthday parties.

Tips when planning 50th birthday parties

As a basic guideline, the event should involve fun activities to create a happy mood. Thus, it’s essential to have some exciting game activities and chose themes that offer more flexibility. Also, include nice music in the background that matches the theme of the event. A karaoke night can be a great idea when celebrating 50th birthday parties.


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