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Unique Themes For Birthday Parties In Luau

Published at 01/22/2012 07:52:11

Birthday parties in Luau

In Luau, birthday parties are considered a very important transition of a person’s life into a new era which is why it is celebrated with so much happiness. Where Luau is concerned, the sea is the main attraction which is why many Luau birthday parties are celebrated at the beaches to give children the time and room to have fun, swim and also enjoy the sun. Luau birthday parties are all about the sea or creating the sea atmosphere to give the party a feel of nature and also to bring more fun. There should also be more music to dance to and make sure the party is planned in a way to make sure that no one gets hurt. Planning Luau birthday parties are never easy but can be made as easy as possible if you want to. This article will give  you information about unique themes for birthday parties in Luau. Here is a list of unique and interesting themes for your luau birthday parties.

Unique themes for Luau birthday parties

• Mermaid theme parties; here girls can dress like mermaids and beautify themselves with makeup and clothes.
• Sailor theme parties; here guests can dress like sailors for the birthday party
• Princess Jasmine theme parties; here, girls can be dressed like Princess Jasmine and guys like Princes.
• Prince theme parties
• Pirate theme parties
• Costume theme parties

Planning Luau birthday parties and some Luau birthday parties game ideas

• Make sure invitation cards are sent to guests three weeks before birthday party
• Make sure venue is paid for in advance to prevent any uncertainties
• Some games you can have at Luau birthday parties include the Limbo contest to see how low guests can go, the slippery slide, musical pools, water balloon toss (here water balloons are supposed to be prepared before Luau birthday parties), ocean wave bottle, water weenie, erupting volcano, attach of the flying sponges, surf’s up, shooting gallery, shark alert, beach volleyball (can be very exciting if planned very well), hula-do, island hopping, and tropical sand storm.

Some tips to help in organizing Luau birthday parties perfectly

• Greeting children with straw hats, leis, sunglasses, coconut cups, etc will be a perfect gift as they arrive.
• You can decorate the venue with real coconut cups
• Make sure there are enough games at the party
• Make sure there is enough to eat and drink. Some foods to consider include Fruit salad, kebabs, Fruit kebabs, Hawaiian Pizza, Green Pasta, Grilled Salmon, Shrimp Salad and drinks like strawberry shake, sunset punch, coconut milk, pineapple, orange, apple, or mixed fruit juice.
• Make sure there is enough to eat and drink
• There should also be enough chairs and tables to make sure everyone is comfortable not forgetting summer hats for cooling.
• Make sure decorations are done perfectly to fit the occasion.
• There should be adequate supervision to ensure that children at the party are protected accordingly.
• Guests can be asked to bring surfing boards or surf boards should be provided at the venue for them to have fun.
• Have fun and eat to your fill, you can give every guest a free surfing board personalized.


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