Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties Activities
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Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties Activities

Published at 01/23/2012 08:37:19


Environmentally Friendly Birthday Parties Activities

A lot of people don’t realize the seriousness of the environmental situation nowadays and seem to be doing things that harm the environment rather than save it. As human beings it is our duty and responsibility to act like conscientious and mature citizens and prevent the harm that is going on, on our planet. This can start with little things such as planning environmentally friendly birthday parties activities for our children. A small thing to start with can eventually lead to big benefits and this is very true. For instance you planned such a birthday party and it was a huge success and now other parents feel conscious too and they would like to do the same. From one person, the entire community ends up trying to do some good. How beautiful is that?


Scientists figured it out a while ago that activities done by us human beings were causing more harm than profit to the environment and if didn’t put a stop to it soon, we might end up losing the exterior barrier that protects our planet. This can cause disastrous results and we could be potentially exposed to various disasters such as the wild spread of cancer due to the sun shining directly on the earth rather than through the ozone layer. The ozone layer is what protects that earth, and it is like a film around our planet preventing damage and decay. The ozone layers has holes today and to prevent more holes we need to act responsibly and we need to do that fast before the layer gets destroyed and potentially starts harming in various amounts.


Birthday parties activities can be planned as environmentally friendly ones to promote a greener society as well stay in a fresh allergy free mode for the duration of the party. You need to start getting responsible and this can be done one step at a time. Start with the invitations and that means no printed invitations. If you want to promote a green and healthy environment then start inviting people either through calling them or emailing them instead. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide for great platforms for interaction and birthday parties activities invites can be sent through these platforms. Make an event page for the birthday of Facebook and just invite the people you would like to come. They can even RSVP right away the minute that they come online. Another thing would be to get reusable plates and cups. Obviously you wouldn’t want to bring out the fine plates with children running around all over the house but you can save up a lot and get good options for reusable cutlery and plates. You can also eliminate the use of balloons entirely since they contain extremely harmful chemicals that are not good for the environment. You can let your creativity and imagination flow and make your own decorations. You can use tissue paper, crepe paper and other such materials to decorate the house yourself. Involve a friend and you can have a great evening. Instead of goody bags you can come up with a separate space where guests make their own concoctions out of an arts and crafts area which they can take home. It’s fun, healthy and completely supportive of a clean and green environment.

Tips and comments

A good idea to keep in mind for birthday parties activities here would be that if you have two or more kids, with birthdays that are near, combine the two parties and have one big bash instead of holding two separate birthday parties activities.