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Great Party Rental Tips For Movie Birthday Parties

Published at 01/23/2012 08:37:27


Themes for birthday parties can be sometimes really tough to choose with the wide number of choices available to everyone. This job is especially tough for parents everywhere who have to plan the entire thing, get decorations, choose the theme, invite all the guests, make arrangements for food and the list just goes on and on. Such times can actually be hassling for all the parents out there so they should work as a team and start planning in advance. This is a good idea because then there will be less if not any last minute possible cancellations, hassles or other stress providing activities. A good idea for a theme party would be to go with movie birthday parties since this is a different idea and can be great fun.


Movie birthday parties have been rarely used as a concept for those who have used it have been very happy with the results. Themes for birthday parties have been around for quite some time and they have been in regular use since the past couple of years. Many parents also seem to think it is easier to pick a theme for their kid’s birthday party and choose all the decorations, cake and other things accordingly. This narrows down their list of things to choose from and they can quickly just get these things from their nearest party supplies shop. All they have to do is ask the shop to get them all kinds of birthday decorations according to one theme and the problem is solved.


Great Party Rental Tips For Movie Birthday Parties

Movie birthday parties are a great idea to follow up with. They can be really fun to execute and can be a great learning experience for children as well. You can start with the invites and ask a local printing company to design a sample invite for you to see. You can even draw out your ideas or ask a friend to and give that to the printing guy. He can then design what you want on the computer and the final decisions before printing can be made together. The invite can be shaped like either a movie ticket stub or a popcorn box from the theatre which can be really creative and fun to print as well as hand out to kids. The next thing to do is transform the area in your house where you are hosting the movie birthday parties and try to make it look like a movie theatre. Dim the lights, arrange floor seating for all the children, and make lots of popcorn! You can pick two movies or even one classic feature that everyone will love and make that the highlight of the party. A good idea would be to get a rental cash register made of plastic and make the birthday boy in charge of the cash register. You can even come up with play money from monopoly and let the kids buy their snacks that you can set up at a table and go with the whole theme. All the snacks can be ready to go and all priced. Ticket stubs are a must and you can even make handmade ones or print a few.

Tips and comments

When planning the movie birthday parties be sure to pick out an appropriate movie that everyone will love. Sometimes gender issues might be prevalent so you might want to opt for a neutral movie, say an animated one such as Madagascar or Despicable Me.