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Planning A Birthday Parties In Farm House?

Published at 01/24/2012 20:46:35


So it is finally that time of the year, your child’s birthday is just round the corner and you have no idea what to do. You sit at home thinking about the venue where the event will happen, the food that you will serve and most importantly the theme. Was it Pokémon, Barbie, Cinderella or Batman that your child wanted as a theme for his or her party? You try hard to make it everything your child has ever wanted but it has got to be different than the last year. You want to try something different? Why not try farm birthday parties. They are outdoors, they are fun and your child will love it. Your child can invite as many friends as he wants, there is no issue of space and if you are throwing that farm birthday parties for your daughter, her little girlfriends will have the time of their lives around ponies.


Planning A Birthday Parties In Farm House?

There are many different kinds of farms that you can choose for your farm birthday parties for example dairy farms, chicken farms, food farms etc. It depends upon you what kind of farms you choose for your farm birthday parties. Although it does not really matter what kind of farm you choose as you are just choosing it for the sake of having a party but it is advised to you to choose a farm where there are a lot of horses as little children are usually attracted by them.


Planning A Birthday Parties In Farm House?

The first thing that you need to work on for your farm birthday parties is the invitations. The invitations should be such that they give an exact idea of the theme of the party that you are arranging so that the children would be attracted by them and would be intrigued to come to such an amazing event. My suggestion for the invitation cards would be that cut out a pony shaped card; you can tie a red bandana around the neck. If you do not like red use another color for the bandana. For the tail of the pony use real piece of cloth and in the envelops add real straws and even a donkey candy for that extra bit of touch. The next thing you need to do is think about the decorations and the entertainment for the kids. Utilize all the resources you have on the farm. The first thing you’ll notice are the hay stacks. Use them as seats for the guests. If they are too big you can ask them to be cut into smaller stacks so that it is easier for little children to sit on them. The next thing you need is balloons and that too lots of them. I would suggest you to get lots of white balloons, so that you can draw black spots on them with a permanent marker and make them look like cows. Hire a pony but make sure it is not a wild pony and is properly trained to avoid any unfortunate incident from happening. You can set up a ticket booth where your husband or even you can dress up as a cowboy and cowgirl. The tickets could be mini candies in the shape of different farm animals and of course the children would not have to pay for them rather just collect from the booth like a game. Then the children can have rides on the pony turn by turn. For the food make sure it is simple yet fun so that you won’t have trouble setting it up in the farm. You can give them fun names for example if you are making cheese breadsticks you can name them Cheesy horseshoes. Lastly, the most important part of the whole party is the cake. If you ruin your child’s cake your whole farm birthday party will go down the drain. There are so many options for the cake, you can make it in the shape of a huge cow or a pony but my suggestion would be to make a whole farm house. You have already used the idea of cows and ponies a lot now you need to put a full stop on it. you can even add mini version of a cowboy and cowgirl representing your child which will add that extra touch to it.

Tips and comments

Although a farm birthday party is a very unique idea, there are still a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Number one is that make sure the children riding the ponies are of a certain height and weight so that they would not get into any unfortunate incident. Next, do not go overboard with the theme as it will look as if you are trying too hard. Lastly, you can have goody packs for the kids that they can take home from the party as a souvenir.


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