Good Places To Have Cooking Birthday Parties
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Good Places To Have Cooking Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 10:49:22


Good Places To Have Cooking Birthday Parties

Say goodbye to the old idea of the birthday parties where the guests come, play some games, have a little chat, eat some food and leave. The idea is old, boring and I must say monotonous. Everywhere you go; every parent is doing the same thing. Now I think it is time that you took into your hands to do something different for your kids. Not only would this make your children very happy but even you will not be able to stop those tears of happiness when you see your child this happy. Say hello to cooking birthday parties: a perfect way to make your child’s friends feel involved. Not only are they fun but also they are not even that much of work as you do not have to think about different games to keep the children entertained.


The best part about the cooking birthday parties is that you do not have to worry about the venue. You can either do it indoors or outdoors if you do not have that much space in your house. The best part about cooking birthday parties’ is that they can be done for all age groups whether you it is for your husband, your wife, your 2 year old child or a teenager. But let us assume that you are throwing the cooking birthday parties for your 3 to 9 year old child.


Good Places To Have Cooking Birthday Parties

A great theme for the cooking birthday party would be chef’s special. You can make the invitation cards in the shape of chef hats which will give the children you are inviting and their Mothers a complete idea about what the party would be like. The invitation cards can have an interesting message written in them for example “ Chef (add name of your child) invites you to her first ever cooking experience” For decoration, if you are doing it indoors, just arrange the children sized chairs in your living room or in the room the main party is going to take place. However it is advised to you to do it outside in your lawn as it would be easier to manage. At the top of the chairs you can attach few cardboard cut outs of chef’s hats. Next, arrange children sized aprons and hats for the guests which they can wear while having fun cooking to really get them into the mood of the party. Do not give the children too much to do as they would not be able to do everything. For example you can pre bake mini sized cupcakes and make the kids decorate them. Provide them with mini cones with icing already filled in it of different colors and show them how to decorate them. You can even give them different toppings with which to decorate those sprinkles, chocolate chips and marshmallows. They can add whatever they like to it. You can even have them bake pizzas. For that you can pre lay the dough in the baking dish, have toppings like mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum and olives already chopped up and ask for the children to add them whatever way they like. If you have invited a lot of children to your party you can have them paired up in different groups of twos or threes and make them work together. Lastly, although you are having cooking birthday party, however, keep in mind that you should have other things to eat as well apart from what the children are making in case they do not like what they have made.

Tips and comments

Cooking birthday parties can be a huge disaster if it is not properly implemented. You can ask the children’s mother’s to help you out as well, so that the children feel more comfortable and follow instructions completely. Moreover, for safety reasons keep the children away from the stove and the oven. Only allow adults to put the children’s creations in the oven to make while they watch from a distance.


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