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Face Painting Sets For Child Birthday Parties

Published at 01/23/2012 19:33:03

Try face painting

Are you limiting your child birthday parties by just including cake and ice cream? Then think about including face painting. You can do this with right party supplies and a little bit of practice. Stamps and stencils are available, which can really help you in the process. Just follow a few steps and be the star at the next birthday party.

Get quality products

Since make-up is used for skin, you must be sure of the authenticity and quality of products for face painting. For child birthday parties, theatrical make-up works in a nice way. Face painting kits can be bought from online websites at affordable rates. Practice on face painting before the party day so that you can quickly apply the designs on the party day. Get kids of your friends or family members to practice face painting on them. Apply the designs you are offering on a poster board and put it where the child’s can see it. They are more probable to know what they want by the time it is their turn, which will speed up the procedure.

Use simple paintings

Kids don’t anticipate anything detailed. So keep your designs always simple in child birthday parties. Some small cheek designs such as balloons, hearts or smiley faces will be a nice start. If you assume the children would like tattoos, then don’t hesitate to include it. They won’t take very long to put on. Employ make-up sponges for putting face paint on large areas. The application will go faster. To save time cleaning your brush between colors, use enough brushes and sponges for each color. Always keep a bowl of water nearby you. It will help you smooth out make-up, rinse sponges, remove a design or apply a tattoo.

Set up proper work area

Establish a work area table and chairs, put your supplies where you can comfortably reach them and work immediately on child birthday parties. Children can get nervous if they sit too long. The more you can keep their sinuous ways to a minimal, the better job you will be able to do. Plan the application procedure for each design. One color must be dry before you add another color on top. Colors can get grimy if you add them together more than necessary when wet. Map out it so you can shape one part while another is drying.
It is good to make a written application guide for each face painting design that says you the order wherein you should put on the make-up and what needs to dry before putting over it. It is also fun to wash sponges and brushes between children. Get approval of parents who will be attending the party, to face painting their children. If the child has open cuts, rashes or sores on face, then don’t apply make-up on him/her. You may further irritate the problem and spread it to other kids. Remember about head lice and aware about the ways to detect it. You surely don’t wish to get the status of disseminating head lice at child birthday parties.


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