Party Invitations For Art Birthday Parties
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Party Invitations For Art Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 12:49:52


Party Invitations For Art Birthday Parties

Art birthday parties are a great theme that would light up any ordinary get together with a host of art related activities, games, props and costumes. Themed parties are the new thing with everything from weddings to baby showers to bachelor parties being themed similar to art birthday parties to create a more memorable and joyous event. As is with any other party, sending out invitations in a proper manner not only appeals to the guests but also creates hype and excitement regarding the party. This in turn adds flair to the event on the actual day and if the affair matches one’s expectation, everyone has an extremely good time. Therefore, invitations are essential to art birthday parties as well and should be designed as such.


When deciding for the invitation’s design, it is critical to keep in mind the “type” of art that such themed art birthday parties usually employ. This is because art itself exists in many different forms and has existed throughout human history. Therefore, art birthday parties focus more on ideas that are more practical and hence art from different “eras” is one way a specified art theme that can easily be adopted. This can be from the Renaissance Era, the Victorian Era or any other period in art history. Similarly, art that is defined by geographic location, i.e. from France, Italy or Russia can be used as a theme. A third way is to integrate the concept of art in a birthday party is through the concept of different forms of art – sculptures, paintings and/or architecture.


Party Invitations For Art Birthday Parties

The invitation can be made by hand or it can be printed. By hand, one could do it themselves if they are creative and wish to add a personal touch to the card. There are many people who may be willingly to help out or you could simply hire a person to do it for you. Printing will definitely be the more efficient way to go since it would save up and the costs and time that making the card by hand, especially if there are a large number of people that have to be invited. The card can be a single memo/letter type or it can be a bi-fold or a book type or anything else. The name of the invited person(s) should be on the front and the venue should be mentioned nearby. A small message for the recipient and/or a map explaining the venue should be on the inside or the back. Adornments can also be added such as stones, jewelry or even glitter to brighten the look of the card.

Tips and comments

It is recommended that the cards are prepared well before to time to avoid any sort of hassles and delays that might ruin or delay the party. Cards should also be printed on a good quality paper to preserve the feel and look of the card. Further, they can be delivered in person for a very personal and warm feel. They can posted to people who are not nearby or can be emailed.


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