Great Party Rental Tips For Pool Birthday Parties
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Great Party Rental Tips For Pool Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 15:18:55


Great Party Rental Tips For Pool Birthday Parties

Themed birthday parties are the latest trend in get together being held across the world. This holds true for people from all age groups, especially teenagers and youngsters. Different themes for birthday parties like art, vintage, the 80’s, retro, music exist but the absolute classic theme birthday bash during the blazingly hot summers are pool birthday parties. Pool birthday parties have been around since the longest time and they are the best fall back/back up plan when all else fails. Everyone including parents, children, friends and relatives can have a lot of fun together and it is a great way to beat the heat.


Not everybody has a pool in their house, nor does everyone have an instant access to a pool. Therefore, one has to come up with an alternative way around the problem but luckily there are a huge number of ways to arrange pool birthday parties without going all out. But a lot of factors including many people to invite, the venue, if there is to be food and most importantly the budget have to be kept in mind and decided beforehand, well before time. Pool birthday parties can be held in a large number of water theme parks and some of these especially cater to pool birthday parties. These can be very cost effective and the surroundings can add to the effect of the party. Another venue to celebrate a pool party could be by renting out the local community pool by requesting the proper concerned authorities. Pool parties can also be held at some club that the host is a member of. This is to maintain exclusivity and one can order food as well to avoid the hassle of preparing it himself. Everybody should be advised to bring their own swimming gear – goggles, ear plugs, caps, swimming trunks and towels. In case somebody forgets to bring their swimming items along, spares must be kept to provide whoever needs them. All of these items apart from the clothes can be rented for a small length of time.


Great Party Rental Tips For Pool Birthday Parties

Pool birthday parties also have to be decorated with flowers, balloons and other adornments. There should also be water related party games to add life to the party. Children should also be provided with treat bags that hold something memorable to remind them of the pool party. Food should ideally be served and the best type of food for a pool party is barbeque. Fast food such as hamburgers and pizzas can also be served. These can also be rented out without any issues from any local stores.

Tips and comments

It is advised that pool parties should be only arranged under strict supervision and there should be a lifeguard present at all times. Chlorine should also be added to the pool to kill off bacteria in the water and ensure a safe environment in the pool. The barbeque grill and other items to prepare foods should be kept at a distance from the pool in order to be as safe as possible. There should also be a first aid kit present at all times. The deep end of the pool should also be off limits to small children. People’s entry should also be kept restricted to avoid overcrowding and let the people are inside have fun.


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