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Tips To Plan Tea Birthday Parties


Children generally enjoy and are enthused by the idea of pretending and engaging in something they find fascinating like tea parties. These, however are more fascinating and popular amongst little girls aged three to ten, as it gives them an opportunity to play pretend and dress up, both being favorites. These parties also pose to be an essential means as any other birthday party through which children are inculcated with manners in the form of developing habits to send thank you notes, along with the fun aspect of celebrating being a year older.


During the Victorian Times playing pretend was common amongst girls where they acted poised and elegant like their mothers and other women that they came across. Tea reached the height of its popularity during this very time period and because children are easily influenced and tend to develop actions and habits in correlation with adult actions, they adopted the idea of having tiny pretend tea parties. Even though tea largely is consumed by adults, little girls developed a fascination for it due to the trend that the media has posed over the past few decades. Various “Disney” books and movies such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians, and Anastasia have all included specific scenes where the characters and princesses that little girls idealize are seen drinking tea in a similar fashion to how tea parties birthday are conducted. Most popularly, the Alice in Wonderland scene, where the “Mad Hatter” throws a tea parties birthday and other guests are seeing playing pretend, is a fitting example


Tea parties birthday are ideal for parents that are trying to save up on expenses and yet wish to throw a popular bash. The most basic feature of a tea party is no doubt tea itself. However, since children preferably don’t consume actual tea it is substituted with juices, herbal or iced tea. Generally, the parties also tend to follow a certain theme as playing pretend is a focal point. However, invitations usually tend to instruct children to just “dress up”. These parties tend to incorporate cake cutting along with the serving of tea. Food is served in the form of sandwiches, cupcakes, tarts and fries etc. Decorations that follow themes are fitted in, and basic decorations include banners, party strings and numerous balloons. After tea games and entertainment is an important aspect. Parents usually hire a clown, magician or a puppeteer. After tea games tend to include gifts for the winners such as toys and candies. Nobody goes empty handed as tiny goodies in the form of candies are given for keeps.

Tips and comments

The aim of a tea parties birthday should be to ensure the guests have a blast, hence its necessary to avoid mundane and cliché parties. Ensuring full attendance by kids is essential, so colorful and innovative invitations should be sent out. Keeping the concept of a tea party alive, it would be a brilliant idea to cut them out in the shape of tea pots or tea cups in case of homemade cards, or buy those readily available. Tea parties tend to be hosted during the day and should be held outside in the sunshine to enhance bursts of color in the decorations, especially bright balloons and a birthday banner. It would be fun idea to cut out sandwiches and cupcakes in attractive shapes likes stars. To make the party even more exciting it would be a great addition to hold a best dressed competition, ensuring kids follow the theme enthusiastically. The theme should be far from typical, but still not alien to the children. Since tea parties birthday are thrown by girls, angels and princess themes would be a perfect fit. Piñatas shaped like teapots or teacups can be another unique aspect and tea table games such as pass the cushion or musical chairs can be added. Favors should be given in the form of goodie bags that include candies and tiny gifts that will make the party a memorable experience for every child. All in all, to make your daughter feel special all aspects of the party should be tailored to attract young children and ensure they have a blast.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/24/2012
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