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Great Party Rental Tips For Food For Birthday Parties


Any birthday party would be incomplete without delicious food for birthday parties and no doubt the eagerly awaited cake. Guests are more inclined towards birthday parties that boast a wide variety of dishes in their menu as compared to boring food free ones. Therefore, it is of utmost important to oversee the catering and other services which will make the party a more enjoyable experience. Ideally, these services need to be in the form of rentals as birthday parties are a once in a year occasion and purchasing the services or equipment required would be useless spending.


In the early days birthday parties weren’t thrown to entertain guests, but to protect hosts from evil spirits. With the passage of times, especially during Victorian ages, the concept of food for birthday parties serving began, where guests were served a large amount of dishes ranging from 3 to 4 course meals. This trend initially began in order to thank guests for the expensive gifts that they brought and also as a means of showing off wealth. This movement spread around the globe and nowadays almost every birthday party provides guests with delicious foods from different cuisines, depending on individual tastes.


Birthday parties on average tend to include decorations, especially where kids’ birthdays are concerned, individual tables and chairs for seating the guests, ample amounts of food and drink and lastly party favors for the guest to take home. Then again we must consider that the requirements for each birthday party depend on the age group and location in consideration. Food for birthday parties, as mentioned before is the foremost attraction and the host generally tends to get it catered from a company in the case of a large guest list. However, food for birthday parties is also made at home if the guest list is considerably small. Portable furniture to seat guests and to serve them food is found always and self–serving is more common for smaller guest lists.

Tips and comments

Essentially the host must ensure that the ambience of the party is comfortable and allows for the easy and accessible serving of food. If the host is not on a tight budget then an event management company can be hired. These companies all in all plan entire birthdays and deal with hiring rental services such as tents, seating arrangements and in some cases provide food as well. The aspect of live cooking can be incorporated, where guests can be served fresh hot food for birthday parties like barbecue made on large grills. Crockery rental companies are also essential to cater to a large number of guests as it is impossible to find large amounts of dishes at home. Other than just renting arrangements to seat and serve food to guests extra tables can be rented for self serving food, beverages and for cards, gifts, or cake placement. There are options where appliances such a beverage coolers, coffee urns and insulated food servers can also be rented out to make sure food is of good quality. Companies that deal in all of these aspects regarding a birthday party are rare and hard to find, therefore hosts need to carry out a detailed search of the market and their personal party needs and then purchase various rental services for different aspects of the birthday.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/24/2012
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