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Unique Themes For Dora Birthday Parties

Published at 01/24/2012 20:51:49


Every kid loves Dora. She is cute, funny, adorable and likable and top of all that she is an adventurer who gets to explore various places and who gets a chance to hunt treasures. Considering the fact that every kid loves adventure, needless to say that Dora the explorer is one of the most loved characters by children all over the world. All children are fascinated by the idea of travelling, treasure hunting and all the other stuff that comes under the category of adventure. And that probably the reason why treasure hunting themes have always been so popular when it comes to kids birthday parties. Since Dora in today’s world embodies adventure and is the epitome of coolness for kids the old treasure hunting themes are now being replaced by Dora birthday parties where the party is manifestation of Dora’s world allowing kids to step into the life of their favorite cartoon character.


Unique Themes For Dora Birthday Parties

Ever since Dora the explorer aired on television it created quite a mark on children all over the world. Dora t-shirts, caps, bags, boxes etc stated to come into picture soon after its success. Soon Dora birthday parties also started to emerge where the kids would be given a chance to enter into Dora’s world. Now Dora the explorer theme is the most popular theme for children’s birthday parties and you see a lot of these Dora birthday parties going around these days.


Unique Themes For Dora Birthday Parties

Although all Dora birthday parties have of course a same basic theme, variations can be brought about and different people have different ideas for their parties. Setting a basic theme for the place where there are Dora posters, pictures of her friends and the general layout of the series is a must when setting a Dora the explorer theme for birthday parties. However may people go beyond all that and manage to set the party so well that the kids actually start believing that they are in Dora’s world. Treasure hunting is one aspect of Dora birthday parties which is very essential. A good party based on Dora’s theme features exhilarating and exciting tasks for kids which involve hunting for small treasures. Food in these parties generally constitutes snacks as that’s what an adventurer on hunt would require. Many people also like to play Dora the explorer episodes for kids on a projector, if that isn’t there Dora’s theme song and background score is always there to create a perfect “Dora” ambiance.

Tips and comments

A good Dora birthday party would hence have all the elements that embody all parts of the show. You should start building the excitement for the party from the invites that you send. A good invitation card is quite essential and most people don’t focus in to it. Small bags like that of Dora’s with her name engraved on can be used as envelops in which you can send the address of your house in a form of a map and an indication of the events of the party. Good Dora party favors can also given to the kids. And in the midst of all the adventure and treasure hunt plans make sure that the food is as good as your décor.


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