Environmentally Friendly Children Birthday Parties Places
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Environmentally Friendly Children Birthday Parties Places

Published at 01/25/2012 07:18:19


Environmentally Friendly Children Birthday Parties Places

There are hardly any people out there who would want to throw their child a birthday party and that too environment friendly. These days like everything, children birthday parties places have been made into a business as well. Lots of event organizers are thriving for people’s attentions so that they would get the next job and make quick money. However, in doing all this they ignore what is best for the children and most of the time they are served with junk foods just because that is what their clients want rather than what is best for them. But because of the new day and age and flow of information, many parents have become environment friendly. They are now concerned by what is best for them and many of them even throw children birthday parties places that are environment friendly.


The hardest part is searching for children birthday parties places and it is even harder if you want them to be environment friendly. There are hardly any venues out there for children birthday parties places that are environment friendly. Here I will tell you about a couple of children birthday parties places which are environment friendly and a few ideas to throw the perfect environment friendly birthday party.


Environmentally Friendly Children Birthday Parties Places

The best venue that you can choose for the children birthday parties places is your home or if you do not want to do it at home you can do it in a park or beside the river. This way you can provide homemade food to your guests. For starters, send out the invitations on recycled paper. This does not mean that you have to send it out as plain; you can always color them up with color pencils, markers and paints (obviously without lead). The next is the trickiest part which is the gift. You can ask the parents of the children to send gifts which your child might like for example, color pencils, books, bags etc. You can even ask them to send money in the name of your to a local charity but be careful because it is your child’s birthday after all and he might not like the idea very much. As for the food, always serve homemade food. Not only is it healthy but less fattening as well. You can even make the birthday cake yourself. There are a lot of books and recipes online that would provide you with the best recipes to make your child’s birthday cake. For the birthday games, you can make them plant trees in the park or give them cupcakes to decorate. It would be like a cooking birthday party, environmentally friendly yet fun. To save you the hassle of cleaning up after the party you can us disposable paper plates and cups.

Tips and comments

While throwing an environmentally friendly birthday party for your child you have to tread very carefully while planning out gifts and activities for children. You have to be careful that just to make the birthday party environment friendly you do not make it boring. That is why you have to be very careful and creative while thinking about these things.


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