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There are numerous ideas for birthday’s nowadays. It has become an industry of its own. Birthday party planners are hired to ensure the parties turn out to be just perfect. A very important part of the party planning is the invitations. Invitations are a preview of what the guest is to expect from the party. A birthday parties craft is a very popular and common theme. It is preferred by many, as it is extremely interactive and indulgent. A lot of thought is put into making sure one has the perfect invitation. When deciding on invitations for a Birthday Parties Crafts, the decision is very difficult, as a lot can be done with it.


The advent of Themed Birthday Parties is not new. It has only started getting more complex and competitive. People are suddenly willing to spend a lot more on birthday party planning than ever before. The crafts are very familiar and have also existed since forever. The incorporation of crafts into Birthday Parties started when it was observed how much the children enjoyed arts and crafts in school.


Themes such as, Painting Party, Sewing Party, Baking Party, Crayon Party, Groovy Craft Party, Beading Party, etc. are just very few examples of the Birthday Parties Crafts. When deciding on making the invitations for such parties, one widely recommended idea is to make stencils or buy one from the crafts store. This helps in making invitations from bulk and since it’s a crafts themed birthday party, the handmade invitation would give a very thoughtful and themed-oriented impression. Another idea best suited for Birthday Parties Crafts is one of Birthday Coloring Page Invitation. The invitation could have a picture of the theme of the birthday, for example, if it’s a painting themed party, there could be an image of a paint brush and a palette with paints on it for the kids to color. The other idea for party invitations for Birthday Parties Crafts is to get essential art supplies at home, such as glitter, markers, ribbons, crayons and stickers. Print out a picture of a design or picture that is relevant to your theme, bearing in mind that the invitation is a screening of your up-coming party and would stir some excitement, if it’s done right. After a design has been selected it can be decorated with glitter, markers and ribbons.

Tips and comments

A very popular and exciting idea is to send a sample of the crafts that the children would be making at the party. Such as a cupcake could be sent bearing the invitation of a Baking themed party, or a little knitted glove could be sent that has the invitation attached with it if it’s a Sewing themed party. Another added advantage of this idea would be that, the glove could be used as keep sake even after the party is over. All these ideas are brilliant ways of personalizing invitations for a Birthday Parties Crafts. They would surely mingle some enthusiasm in the people who receive these invitations and make them look forward to the actual party.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/24/2012
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