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Ideas For 60th Birthday Parties

Published at 01/25/2012 22:46:04


Turning sixty is a big event for anybody. It means you’re getting close to retirement
but don’t let that get you thinking that 60th birthday parties have to be tiring, boring
affairs! You aren’t 60 you are 18 with 42 years of experience! In fact some would say
that it’s only after your turn sixty that the real fun begins. You can finally start to let
go of some of the responsibilities that you have been carrying for some long and dip a
little into the savings that you’ve hopefully put away.


Now you might think that party stores won’t stock items for 60th birthday parties. But
you would be wrong and they surely don’t stop at 60 either. You can buy at most big
party planning stores all kinds of items such as banners, luncheon napkins, plates,
paper cups, tablecovers, badges and even confetti in the shapes of the number 60. If
you are planning an event for someone who is about to turn sixty it’s best if you give
the party a theme which is not related to the ‘over-the-hill” and getting old. Better to
stay with themes that the birthday boy has some level of affinity with. For example if
the 60th birthday parties is to be for someone who loves to play polo then do a polo-
themed birthday party.


 Ideas For 60th Birthday Parties

If the birthday will be primarily a family and close friends event then having a
slideshow with photos is a great idea. It can be a great way to remember many of the
things that have happened in their life over the past sixty years. Some people like to
make the slideshow by decade so that the photos are shown in groups. This can be
a lot of fun to watch the slow changes in hairstyles and clothing that no doubt your
sixty year old birthday boy will have gone through. Another thing to remember when
planning 60th birthday parties are that you want to keep it simple. People who are
reaching 60 probably don’t want a very noisy and loud party. When it comes to the
food remember to include some sugar-free options for those of the attendees who
need to be careful with their sugar intake. Also buffet style self-serving is a good
option as it is quite easy for guests and at the same for birthday party organisers.

Tips and comments

A great song for 60th birthday parties is "Long May You Run” by Neil Young. As far
as background music goes soft and smooth jazz is good for a classy birthday party.
If you are going to have the party at the house it is a good idea to have several areas
of the house open for guests to mingle and move about. When you are sending out
the invitation cards be sure to mention that this is going to be a 60th birthday parties.
Don’t use too many streamers and 60th hanging decorations as that may get a bit too
much and they party will look like its for a young child.


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