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Great Party Favors For Mad Science Birthday Parties


Mad science birthday parties are apt for children that are interested in science and to spark their imaginative learning. This party theme is very simple to follow for those dressing up. All guests have to do is slip on a lab coat and they’re good to go. But for those looking to follow even the minutest details the “Albert Einstein” look with crazy grey hair is a good idea. Mad science themed parties tend to get a bit complicated where planning food, decorations and especially party favors is concerned.


The term mad scientist was initially coined in novels and stories, where the scientist usually tends to be the antagonist and is mostly insane or eccentric. Aged male with crooked teeth, grey hair and huge dramatic goggles or glasses is a popular stereotype of a mad scientist. There have been many real life scientists that fit into this stereotype one way or another and added a more realistic touch to the entire concept. This stereotype held increased fascination over recent years for those that are into inventions and wish to pursue science and also for children who enjoy science as a subject, and hence the concept of mad science birthday parties began.


The foremost feature of such a party is the theme that revolves around science clearly. Dressing up tends to be in the form of lab coats, with messy hair if one is keeping it simple. Decorations have a science-y feel and normal light bulbs are replaced with colored ones. Silver colored or latex balloons are usually used. For mad science birthday parties that go into the details decorations can also include chalk boards with equations written on them, jars with food colored water to imitate chemicals, and fake eyeballs and body parts etc. Cakes mostly are shaped like eyeballs, math symbols or even volcanoes sometimes. All food at the party tends to give out a gross vibe and doesn’t seem very clean like spaghetti with loads of ketchup, drinks in different yucky looking colors. The idea is not to compromise on the taste, but still make the food grotesque looking.

Tips and comments

Party favors tend to be the hardest part where mad science birthday parties are considered. Its rude to send guests back empty handed and the spirit of theme would not be fulfilled if common party favors such as simple chocolates or goodie bags are given. It would be an excellent concept to send guests home with “science inspired goodie bags”, that have math symbols or even test tubes printed all over. These bags can include science candies such as gummy bears and jellies shaped like different scientific instruments etc. Glow in the dark bands will be a distinctive addition and will be especially more fun for kids. Silly putty and mood rings are highly fascinating and most probably never-seen-before, science-y gifts that guests would love to take home and show off to other people as well. Mad science birthday parties tend to overlook tight budget if guests are to be truly entertained and provided with amazing party favors to make the event memorable.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/25/2012
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Great Party Favors For Mad Science Birthday Parties . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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