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Simple Steps To Plan Creative Birthday Parties


Who doesn’t love birthday parties? From a 6 year old kid to a 40 year old adult, almost everyone anticipates their birthday all year long. For a kid it may be the most special day of his/her childhood life. For an adult, a birthday party may just be an excuse to bring all the lost and busy friends back together and reminisce about the good times. It may just even be a simple social gathering. Either way, a birthday is a special occasion. But the idea of having creative birthday parties can make this occasion far more special and even more anticipated for attendees and hosts alike.


The initial start of birthday parties began not as a means of having fun or a good time, but to help the host scare away evil spirits that were rumored to be a danger to those who were having their birth day. Initially, the concept was extremely mundane and boring, but was innovated to include serving of food, bringing of gifts and enjoying an ambience that consisted of attractive decorations. All these things that were considered new and different back have now become age old traditions. All these traditions can be altered in many creative ways to make every birthday party seem unique in its own way and hence add to the fun aspect of throwing a bash.


A birthday party can be very simple or elaborate. Generally, a birthday party comprises of a cake, your friends playing all sorts of games that you’ve planned ahead for them, dances, gifts and lots of food. A birthday party usually starts with sending out invitations to friends and family. All the décor and schedule is planned beforehand. The day of the birthday usually begins with playing games, and receiving gifts. Food is served once everyone is settled followed by the most important feature, the cutting of the cake. Finally, when everyone’s well fed, the best part of the day arrives, i.e. unwrapping of the gifts. For adults, birthdays are usually formal but that doesn’t necessarily means that they’re not fun. For teenagers, however, birthday parties can be really crazy. It may start with dancing and end with dancing. Still, all of this cannot be repeated every year, which is why to make this special occasion a lot more fun, one should plan creative birthday parties.

Tips and comments

A birthday party can be lots of fun but it is very important that you plan ahead. Otherwise, a fun day can turn into a total chaos. Also for a kid this day can be the most special day of his/her life. Parents should think outside the box when planning birthday parties. Creative birthday parties can make this day far more special. The most popular and original way to celebrate a birthday party is by deciding a theme. Everyone loves themes and they can increase the festivity of the occasion. For kids, creative birthday parties may include deciding a theme related to his/her favorite cartoon show, comic book or any other inspiration. For example, deciding to base the birthday around Marvel Comics can be a great idea. You can send out attractive invitations (in an envelope of the superman emblem), telling guests to dress up like superheroes. You can even have a cake with Spider Man’s face on it. Parents can also dress up like superheroes to get everyone in the mood. Another way of having creative birthday parties is to think along the line of your kid’s favorite location and throw the party there for appreciation.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/25/2012
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