Face Painting Sets For Birthday Parties To Go!
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Face Painting Sets For Birthday Parties To Go!

Published at 01/25/2012 20:13:59


Face Painting Sets For Birthday Parties To Go!

Children love challenges and fun filled activities and also love to change their get ups. They can get themselves dresses for a particular appearance but the they cannot change their face and face painting does that, which is why children love to get their faces painted like that of a ghost, fairy, pirate, vampire and etc. face painting does not harm the skin as the paints are skin friendly. There are different kinds of face painting, painting that glows in the dark, painting that has shimmer and glitter and etc. nowadays there are so many themes for birthday parties to go that it is difficult to choose which theme to set and what preparation to do. With the help of face painting this has become easier. You can hire a professional face painter for birthday parties to go or you can buy face painting sets from the market and do it yourself.


Face Painting Sets For Birthday Parties To Go!

Birthday parties are a time for fun. Friends and family get together and have food and drinks and indulge in activities of all sorts. Face painting is not only suitable for kids’ birthday parties but also for adult birthday parties. If the theme is masquerade it is not necessary that you buy masks or make them. You can also get your faces painted the way you want to look like. Painting also hides one’s face and one glance cannot tell who one is. Face painting sets are not only for kids but also for adults and teenagers so that birthday parties to go are fun for everybody.


The brushes and the paints that are included in the face painting sets available in the market are skin friendly and are made with high quality products and can easily be taken off. The face painting kits have special tissues and wipe offs with them that do not harm the skin and the paint is easily wiped off. The face painting sets have creams that you can apply before painting your face, a mirror, sample pictures and designs that go with the particular birthday party to go theme for which you have chosen the face painting set. The brushes in the set will match the birthday party theme and there will be extra stuff in the set according to the theme for example stickers and glitters. A face painting set includes five colors out of which two are white and black and the other three match the theme. The face painting sets for birthday parties to go include pretty princess, little devil, pirate face, wicked witch, lion face, ghastly ghost, skull face and many more. The themes that are difficult to paint have stencils which you can use on the face for example flowers, hearts, stars and other shapes.

Tips and comments

One face painting set for birthday parties to go can paint the faces of up to 10 children and before v=buying the set one should know for sure how many faces are to be painted. Decide the theme at least 5 weeks earlier so that you know which set with which colors you should buy so there is no room for disappointment.


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