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Planning A Mystery Birthday Parties

Published at 01/26/2012 08:21:50


Birthday parties are fun for everybody and all who are invited look forward to it. Nowadays there are so many themes to have on birthday parties that it is difficult to choose one theme for your own special day. Some are expensive, some are for the kids only and some are liked by a small number of people and all the people invited do not like the theme. A new theme has come up and that is birthday mystery parties. Birthday mystery parties do not have any theme and people can dress up according to their own choice. These birthdays are not expensive and all who are invited will be excited as they will not know what they will be asked to do on the party.


Birthday mystery parties are just like other parties, only the activities and the fun is different. There are invitations to be distributed, decorations to be done, games and activities to be played, party food, beverages, cake and snacks to be eaten, and party favors to be handed to the guests. Mystery parties can also have different natures for example murder mystery party, FBI mystery party, teen mystery party, super caper slumber mystery party, detective sleepovers, Charlie’s angels mystery party, magical puzzle mystery party, rock star mystery party, spy mystery party, and many more.


 Planning A Mystery Birthday Parties

Planning birthday mystery parties is as easy as planning any other ordinary party. You can buy complete game kits that are available at every toy store. Firstly do not forget that it is basically a birthday party and you have to include soft drinks, punch or alcohol, gifts, birthday cake, a mystery game kit and decorations for the party. Read books on themes of mystery birthday parties or check out toy stores and hobby shops for mystery birthday kits. Make your guest list and decide how many people you need for the game as one or two guests might not want to play, then send out handmade invitations emphasizing that it is a birthday party. Decorate your home with the everyday birthday party decorations and one or two rooms according to the theme. When deciding the roles for the games the birthday boy/girl should have a prominent role and at the end of the party gift the birthday boy/girl the birthday cake and ask the other guests to sing the birthday song when the cake is being cut. Mystery birthday parties can also be organized for kids as well as for the adults. For the kids you can choose a spy or a detective theme as they might get afraid when they hear the word murder. Birthday mystery parties do not have to be arranged outdoors or in a specialist place and the expenses are also less. Party favors can include things according to the theme or also just money as a reward for playing the game.

Tips and comments

On your birthday mystery party do not forget to take pictures and make an album for yourself and instead of giving party favors you can also give out copies of that album to all the guests.


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