how to organize birthday sleepover parties
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how to organize birthday sleepover parties

Published at 01/27/2012 04:34:46


how to organize birthday sleepover parties

Birthdays a great time for everyone to celebrate and come together and for kids it is an extra special time to make the most of their day. Birthdays for children can be very exciting and to plan a great one can not only be fun but very rewarding as well. Seeing the look of joy on your little one’s face when you settle him in for the night will be worth all the trouble and hassle you went through to make everything look absolutely perfect. A good idea for an intriguing and fun birthday, especially for girls is to have birthday sleepover parties. Yes, these can be very exciting for little girls and you can let them have an amazing time since it is your daughter’s birthday which comes just once a year!

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Girls and sleepovers have been used in the same sentence for quite some time. Most people seem to think that having a slumber party on a birthday is extra special because not only do you get to spend an evening with your friends filled with wonder, presents, your favorite food and games but you also get a whole night with your best friends just to yourself. No adults hovering by, just a room full of girls with a fun night ahead of them.

Step 2

Birthday sleepover parties are usually a phenomenon associated with girls and lots of little girls would love the idea of spending a night full of fun with her best friends. Dress up, costumes, and makeovers are all characteristics things that you can expect from a sleepover. Now birthday sleepover parties can be fun to organize if you can get a friend to help and pitch in. You will need to start with food since it is an important aspect and obviously you need to feed people and children tend to like variety in their food. Since you are planning birthday sleepover parties, you will need to have some junk food but also balanced with a mixture of healthy food so that the kids don’t feel sick, or have too much unhealthy food. A mix of sliced, colorful vegetables with a great dip could be a compete hit and is healthy as well as nutritious. For the sleepover part, you need to make sure the kids invited have brought all their necessities and you need to call up their mothers and make sure it is okay with them for their child to stay over the night and to remind them of course that they need to send a necessary change of clothing, and other amenities that they would need when staying over. Fun birthday sleepover parties for girls would require magazines, makeup, clothes, and Barbie dolls are all part of the games and activities and girls love to do such things.


When buying things for birthday sleepover parties, considering a theme would be a good idea since then it becomes easier to buy the things such as decorations, disposable plates and hats, and other similar things that might come in handy.

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