Your One Stop Checklist For Paintball Birthday Parties
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Your One Stop Checklist For Paintball Birthday Parties

Published at 01/26/2012 16:12:03


 Your One Stop Checklist For Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball is a game in which there are two teams or individuals that compete to accomplish a given set target and in order to do that they stop the others from getting to the goal by shooting them with paintballs. Paintballs are small rubber balls that are filled with watery paint and they burst when they hit someone leaving marks on the person’s clothes indicating that this person is out of the game. One has to avoid hitting paintballs and stop others from getting to the goal first so that you are the one who gets to the goal first and wins. Recently paintball has been chosen by several people as a theme for birthday parties and kids and also teenagers have been observed to like birthday parties paintball very much. This is a fun an exciting way to spend your birthday.


Birthday parties paintball are tremendous fun but they are expensive. Once you have decided that the theme of the party will be paintball then see how many people will be attending the party and then accordingly rent a space. Then if the birthday party is for kids then make invitations with your telephone number and specify the details about clothing as the paintballs might hurt them. If the invitations are for the adults then the details can be short as they know the details about paintball. Birthday parties paintball are exhausting and the players need to have access to food and drink so you need to make sure that the food will be delivered on time. On your special day come early on the location and keep your phone on as players might need to call to ask about directions. There! All set and done, now you just have to enjoy the party.


A Birthday paintball party is very confusing sometimes and you should make a list of things that you will need for paintball and the birthday party. Here is a one stop checklist for your paintball birthday party; paintball marker, mask, clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, hopper, paint, comfortable shoes, paint pods, 2 way radios, radio headset, paintball gloves and neck protector, water or sports drink, energy bars, clean and dry clothing, towels, sunglasses, first aid kit and a camera of course. These are the basic things one will need for a birthday parties paintball which will not strictly follow the rules of the game as the atmosphere of a birthday party should be friendly and paintball is a dangerous game and no one should get hurt.

Tips and comments

Paintballs are slower than bullets and if you shoot a paintball on someone by the time your paintball gets there the person will be long gone so to play a better game and also win it shoot the paintballs on the path of the person and not on the person so that when he is running the paintball marks him and he is out of the game. Birthday parties paintball is fun and your guests will have the time of their lives.


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