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Face Painting Sets For Birthday Slumber Parties

Published at 01/27/2012 04:37:49


In the years of life a person lives, its not the years that matter, it’s the life lived by one among those years. Birthday time is the most valuable one for any person. Everyone wants to enjoy it in one way or the other. The best way to make the time feel good and memorable is to have birthday slumber parties. As it comes once in a year, thus, it’s amazing if celebrated with friends, to enjoy their lovely gossips as well as spices of pizza, sweetness of pancakes; making the whole night worth-remembering. There are although many ways to enjoy the birthday slumber parties like playing games, having pillow fights, watching movies and midnight feasts. But the coolest way is to have spa nights and designing of facial masks, a creative way to enjoy the night.


Birthday slumber parties are mostly held by children or teenagers. These are common in grammar school and high school girls. Boys rarely have such parties as they mostly prefer staying outside home with friends instead having an inside sleepover party. Guests such as friends of the birthday boy/girl are invited to stay at their home. Typical activities held by friends could be staying up late, talking, eating and playing until falling asleep. Other than sleepovers, these parties can also have dinner at a restaurant, skating, or other scheduled events. Sleepovers are usually held at one participant's house, with other guests sometimes bringing their bedtime things, such as pillows or sleeping bags. The best birthday slumber parties are those where you can just be yourself.


Face Painting Sets For Birthday Slumber Parties

Face paintings are different for boys and girls. The most commonly used themes for girls include fairies, butterflies and princesses. They also like bunny rabbits, cats, dogs, ladybugs, flowers and rainbow. On the other hand, the most preferred types of face paintings by boys are spider’s web, skulls and pirate. They also like tigers, robots and bats. Girls mostly like the things that generates from fantasy whereas boys like things inspired of Halloween. The tools used for face painting are pastels in bold color and glitter paints.

Tips and comments

To make the birthday slumber parties more pleasant, a competition can be arranged. Experimentation is always a kind of great activity for a person whether a childhood or an adult. A pair of friends can be made and they are given with one word each. One would make the facial mask on his/her partner’s face which would be creative and complement the word given to him. The pair with best facial mask would be awarded by some prize such as chocolates, interesting story books or may be a guide on face painting. Moreover, the place where the birthday slumber parties are being arranged should be wide and carry enough space by spreading out the furniture. It should be kept in mind that there comes no hindrance while children are enjoying their leisure time. The menu can be arranged keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of birthday child. Last but not the least, to save the memorable event, snaps should be taken by the child’s parents to show him in his/her near future. It’s really a therapeutic event to have such a night spent in laughing, sharing, talking, playing and spending time together.