Planning A Hello Kitty Birthday Parties
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Planning A Hello Kitty Birthday Parties

Published at 01/26/2012 16:24:02


  Planning A Hello Kitty Birthday Parties

Do you like cats? Do you have a child that loves and adores cats like her children? I’m sure she will agree that the cutest cat on earth is the Hello Kitty. This cat is not a real cat but is a cartoon character created by Japanese team called Sanrio. This cat is a favorite of young girls. Many even plan on celebrating hello kitty birthday parties. The hello kitty first appeared on screen holding a coin purse in a cute little dress and wearing a bow on one side of her head. She has snowy white skin and black eyes. Her whiskers are also very adorable and give her an innocent look. This cartoon grasped the attention of many young girls as soon as it was shown on screen. People have been celebrating hello kitty birthday parties of their little girls since then.


  Planning A Hello Kitty Birthday Parties

Hello kitty was first introduced on television in 1974 by a Japanese company. It was a portrait of a Japanese bobtail cat having flawless white fur. It gives the impression of innocence to the observers. Hello kitty birthday parties have been organized for a very long time now. They have been loved by many girls. Before the introduction of other cartoons, hello kitty was an inspiration to many. A lot of girls insisted on having their hello kitty birthday parties arranged and they wanted to be dressed up like her as well. The birthday girl usually wore a short dress and a bow on her head. She also drew tiny whiskers with black marker on her face to give the impression of hello kitty. When other little girls saw all this, they also wanted to have their hello kitty birthday parties arranged.


Hello kitty is a very cute and attractive fiction character. She has been a favorite of many young little girls. A lot of girls have been o inspired that they had their hello kitty birthday parties planned. The most adorable thing about hello kitty birthday parties is that all the little girls dress up like the cat herself. It looks as if they are paying a tribute to hello kitty. All the little girls dressed up as cats are a cute thing to see. Then the birthday cake is also an impression of the face of hello kitty. The red bow on her head has the candles placed in it and her snowy white face is made up of whipped cream. This cake is baked on special order. The demand for hello kitty birthday parties has been increased over the past years as it is the only character that won the hearts of many little girls when it was first shown on screen.

Tips and comments

If you are planning a hello kitty birthday party for your little girl, let me give you some tips that would be very helpful. Buy hello kitty dress for the birthday girl and ask all her friends to dress up as hello kitty as well. You can also buy kitchen utensils having stickers of hello kitty on them. Decorate the house with posters of hello kitty and also some huge bows. Get the birthday cake baked as an impression of hello kitty. Make sure that the cake has all her pretty features. Then ask all the girls to draw whiskers on their faces to give them that innocent cat look. If the girls tie their hair as two pony tails, these would look like cat ears. And then donnot forget to take loads of pictures and show others how much fun hello kitty birthday parties can be.


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