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Great Venues For Princess Birthday Parties

Published at 01/26/2012 17:06:43


All young girls dream of being a princess and love pretending they are one. They imagine a magical kingdom in which they are the beautiful princesses. So how else to make this wish come true other than by throwing them princess birthday parties. Princess birthday parties are a fabulous way to make little girls feel like princesses. Tiaras resting on their heads, swirling around and charming everyone with their frilly, pleated dresses and sending out fancy invitation cards are every girl’s dream.


Great Venues For Princess Birthday Parties

Princess parties, if not more, are as old as Disney’s princesses. Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Sleeping Beauty are all princesses and all of them are very close to every girl’s heart. Tiana from Princess and the Frog is Disney’s latest princess. These princesses are strong, hardworking, and beautiful. They have a soft, dreamy, romantic side too. Young girls look up to them. And the fact that all these princesses have had grand balls and parties is perhaps what makes little girls to have their own princess birthday parties even more


So throw a princess birthday party for your little princess and let her feel royal on her special day. Get princess birthday parties venue and games ideas by asking your friends and family what they would like best. There are many venues where you can have this magical event. To start with, Disneyland is the best possible place where you can throw such a party. Other options are zoos, pool-sides, and museums. If your princess loves Ariel, perhaps the beach would be a fantastic venue for her princess birthday party. Princess birthday parties held at amusement parks can be the most enjoyable of all. Another super awesome idea for princess birthday parties venues is a yacht, if you have or can rent one. Less expensive options for princess birthday parties are restaurants that offer theme birthday set ups and you always have your own house which you can decorate for a party.

Tips and comments

When you have decided the venue and the plans for the set up are in place, remember that making your little princess feel special is the most important thing. Take her out and get her a pretty princess dress, a delicate tiara and a pair of magical Cinderella shoes. Get her a wand if she wishes. The menu should have delicacies like pastries, soups, finger food, sandwiches, cotton candy, ice creams and juices. Add flower arrangement and music to add to the touch. If you're throwing this party at your own house, make sure you lay out your best china for the guests, the best porcelain saucers and cutlery. Lay out fresh table cloths. Call in a clown or a princess who can entertain little girls at the party. Arrange games like passing the tiara, or princess treasure hunt. Jewellery, candies and fancy stationary make good gifts, make sure to wrap them in pastel pink, yellow or other feminine colours for the winners. A princess cake is usually tiered with chocolate, strawberry and lemon being the favourite flavours. Take pictures to make this magical celebration memorable.


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