Tips To Plan Girl Birthday Parties
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Tips To Plan Girl Birthday Parties

Published at 01/31/2012 21:19:21


  Tips To Plan Girl Birthday Parties

To arrange girl birthday parties can be a crucial task; as it’s difficult to identify what particularly will be according to the girl’s likes and dislikes. Although it’s a challenging task in order to make sure that the party goes well, happy and successful. One can never afford to spend money to arrange things and at the end the effort get ruin if the girl doesn’t likes the arrangements or even a single thing that make her feel bad. This is because girls are solely a sensitive soul. So, the basic idea before getting started is to do everything by asking from the girl according to her choices and preferences.


Girls are the innocent souls made by God on earth. They love to enjoy their life, always being sincere and caring for everyone whether it’s their parents, the siblings or friends. It’s always nice to give each and every relationship a special meaning and worth. Girls do care about each meaning developed a lot. They not only feel it important but also sustain the meaning along with their breath. Thus, something creative and extra-ordinary should always be done on girl birthday parties to make the moments charming and fun-loving. Girl birthday parties should be fantasy-oriented with themes in soft and pastel colors, spicy menus, pretty venues and invoked costumes.


The best tips to have girl birthday parties can be to have it as a formal tea party, tropical beach or pool party and disco party. These are all the ideas for girl birthday parties which will surely touch their hearts. Formal tea party can be arranged by girls being dressed up in ‘Sunday best’ clothes, transforming a room in home into a café with tables covered in white fabrics, doilies and fresh flowers. For tropical beach or pool party, the most important element is the location. The area where the pool is should look enlivening; with arrangements such as flip flops, beach balls, tropical flowers and inflatable palm trees. For more entertainment, games can be set like swimming, relay races or water ring tosses. For disco party, the decoration should be in a dark room with sharp red, blue and green colors of lighting. The interesting part of this idea is the costume. For the birthday girl to look special she must be given her hair do with brightly colored hair pieces, glitter and braids as well as splashing eye make. All the other girls invited can be asked to wear 70’s retro theme dresses. Menu for girl birthday parties should be pancakes, French fries, sandwiches and juices.

Tips and comments

To make each party idea more interesting; there a few tips. For formal tea party, a mini fashion show can be held where girls do a bit of catwalk to show their dresses with cheer up of clapping and lovely comments from the guests. The beach party could be enlightening if complemented with lei for every guest girl at her arrival and sugar cookies in attractive wrapping at their leaving. As dance party is related to music and songs; thus a competition can be set in pairs to have dances on songs selected by the birthday girl. The birthday girl herself would judge the competition and award the best one with disco balls and hair jewelry sets. Although, supervision is necessary on such parties but girls want them to feel a little grown up.


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