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How To Decorate For Dinosaur Birthday Parties

Published at 02/06/2012 19:40:31


Dinosaur birthday parties are a popular choice for children. There are a variety of different dinosaur decorations available to help make the party more fun and entertaining. You can purchase these decorations online, from catalogs or party supply stores. If you are ordering your the decorations online, be sure to order them in time for the party.

Step 1

Shop online or visit your local party supply store to find decorations that can be used for dinosaur birthday parties. Many shops offer balloons, streamers, tablecloths, centerpieces and other types of dinosaur decorations. If the shop does not carry supplies for dinosaur birthday parties, ask if they have a catalog or can order them for you.


Step 2

Choose dinosaur cutlery and plates to serve guests who will attend the dinosaur birthday parties. Purchase dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups and cutlery for the party. Many stores offer these items with pictures of dinosaurs on them. You can also make the plates cups yourself by printing pictures of dinosaurs from your computer and gluing or taping them onto the items.

Step 3

Choose decorations to match the theme for dinosaur birthday parties. Colors such as green, brown and purple are often associated with dinosaurs. If you are using different types of dinosaur decorations, choose colors that match the decorations. If you are unable to find decorations with pictures of dinosaurs on them, choose matching colored decorations instead. Common types of these decorations include streamers, balloons and tablecloths.

Step 4

Use large pictures or posters of dinosaurs to decorate for dinosaur birthday parties. You can purchase these online or find them at your local department store. The posters can be given as party favors, game prizes or taken home when the party is over. Choose as many as you want or as many as needed to cover the wall in the party room.

Step 5

Make or purchase dinosaur party favors for dinosaur birthday parties. Place the party favors on a table and they can serve as both treats and decorations. The party favors may be small stuffed dinosaurs, treat bags with dinosaur pictures on them or dinosaur shapes boxes filled with small dinosaur trinkets, toys and candy. Gather enough party favors for each child at the party. You can also make dinosaur shaped cookies to give as favors or include in treat bags or gift boxes.

Step 6

Use your food items as a decorations. Choose cakes and cupcakes that are shaped or decorated like dinosaurs. Research creative dinosaur food items on your computer and serve them at your dinosaur birthday parties. Use dinosaur tables clothes to decorate your tables. Purchase large leaves from your local craft store and place them on tables under gifts and food. The leaves should look similar to those found during the Jurassic period. Place small plastic dinosaurs on each table to create a fun look for the party.


Order cakes or cupcakes from your local grocery store or bakery. Both can be decorated or shaped like dinosaurs and are perfect for dinosaur birthday parties.

Shop around at several locations that sell dinosaur decorations to find the best selection and prices for dinosaur birthday parties.