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Organizing Barney Birthday Parties

Published at 02/01/2012 10:01:47


Barney is one of the oldest cartoon characters, and one of the most famous too. Children remember Barney as the purple dinosaur that is ever so friendly. Therefore the popularity of Barney Birthday Parties is such. Children absolutely love Barney. I doubt there is a single mother who hasn’t had a barney birthday parties at least once for their child.


Organizing Barney Birthday Parties

Barney was created in 1987, as a purple dinosaur that teaches children with his songs and dances. It was supposed to not just teach children but also keep them in a positive atmosphere and sow the seed of optimism in them this early on. He was shown to love eating vegetable and fruits, which was supposed to make the children want to have fruits and vegetables as well. Milk and peanut butter sandwich were one of his favorite snacks. Barney had an entourage of friends that accompanied him. When having a Barney Birthday parties, one must incorporate all these traits in the party if the party is to be a success. These little details would make the party closer to the theme and would also make the party extremely enjoyable.


Start off with the invitations of the party. The invitations can be handmade, printed online, or bought from a local party store. There are several websites that teach the ways in which handmade Barney invites can be made at home. This would give your Barney birthday parties a very thoughtful and different feel. Now coming to the Barney Birthday parties decorations. Here the theme or color scheme is already pre-decided, as the colors for Barney are always purple and green. Posters, dolls, and toys of Barney could be put up in the house. Posters and toys of Barney’s friends would also give the Barney birthday party the complete outlook. The balloons, the streamers and tableware could either be purple and green or it could have Barney’s pictures on it. The games and activities would also have to be Barney themed. There could even be a person from the family or an outside entertainer could be hired to wear a Barney costume and the children could take pictures with Barney and ask Barney questions. There could be a dino dig, where little purple dinosaurs could be hidden in a box of sand, and children could be asked to look for them. There could be a treasure hunt, where there could be Barney footsteps that could be cut out from chart paper leading to the hidden treasure.

Tips and comments

The food and drinks could be customized according to the Barney birthday party, there could be the Barney cake, and then Barney shaped cookies. To make the Barney birthday party even more interesting, Barney’s episodes could be played on a projector in one corner. Popcorn and juices could be kept on the side for the children to enjoy while they watch Barney episodes. Another interesting tip would be to dress up as Barney yourself and even make sure everyone in the family is wearing purple and green clothes.