How To Decorate Cowboy Birthday Parties
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How To Decorate Cowboy Birthday Parties

Published at 02/05/2012 17:02:23


How To Decorate Cowboy Birthday Parties

Cowboys have been in fashion for way too long, and cowboy birthday parties have been just as popular. Children, adults and people of all age groups just love cowboy birthday parties. It’s not just a theme for children, but in fact it’s for everyone. Once you have decided that the theme for your birthday party is cowboys, the hard part starts, the organization and planning.

Step 1

Cowboys and cowgirls have been much loved by kids and adults alike. This theme is not just for boys as the name suggests, cowboys, but in fact cowgirls also exist for girls who want a cowboy birthday parties.

Step 2

Decorations for a cowboy birthday parties are a lot of fun. You will have to buy decorations from a local party store or u can even make them yourselves. The cowboy birthday parties would not be complete without the cowboy boots and hats. You could cut the cowboy boot shaped cups for the children. The cowboy hat could be the center piece of the hall or area where the party is being held and the centre piece could be filled with assorted candies for the children. A corner could be completely the cowboy corner, where you could put sand on the ground, and place cactuses, wooden planks and make a horse, cut out from cardboard, the children could take pictures there and also play there. If you want to transform the whole room into an old west town, that would be perfect. That would require a lot of effort, as the whole town would have be made out of cardboard cut-outs and would require a lot of efforts. You cut get different shades of cardboard and make a jail, cactuses, hotels and even a ranch store out of cardboard. The children would absolutely love it. The balloons you use could be gold, that would go perfectly with the sand. If possible, a cow or horse could be rented for the birthday. If you rent a horse, the children could be made to sit on it and take a ride. Activities of such kind are extremely fun for the children. If you rent a cow, the cow could be made to stand at the entrance with a cowboy to great the children and their families. The cowboy could hand the children cowboy hats as they enter.


If attention is paid to detail, the party could be a huge success. The tables could be lined with blue and red table cloths. Even empty bottles of root beer could be used to place on the table or randomly scattered everywhere for decoration. The children that arrive could also be handed a bandana and a sheriff’s badge along with the cowboy hats. All these ideas will help you decorate a wonderful cowboy birthday parties. Then again, if you are willing to go all out, you could even host the party in a farm with all the farm animals as children absolutely love animals and the chance for them to see real animals and touch them would be a high for the children