Top 10 Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas
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Top 10 Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas

Published at 02/05/2012 17:01:40


Top 10 Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas

There’s always a child’s birthday party going on. The need to shortlist childrens birthday parties ideas is very important. There is always a bunch of parents who are confused about what idea or theme to follow when it comes to their child’s birthday party and they love to have a list of the top 10 Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas.

Step 1

In the past, there used to be less choice. There only used to be the very few cartoons that Disney used to make. Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White etc. used to be some of the only options available for the children. But recently all that has changed; now there is a lot more choice. There are even a growing number of children’s channels that have shows that children absolutely adore. Therefore there is a lot more choice and now the parents really have to sit down and weigh the pros and Cons of each childrens birthday parties ideas.

Step 2

In the top ten children’s birthday parties’ ideas, I’d like to start off with the oldest and the most famous theme that is the Princess Theme. This is one of the oldest and most popular themes; little girls love the idea no matter what the century is. The next theme is the Winnie the Pooh Theme; it’s a favorite for boys and girls. The little yellow bear is even a favorite for adults. The next theme is a Sesame Street birthday Party. The yellow bird and its other little friends have been children’s favorites since the longest time. The fourth theme on the countdown is the Dora theme. Dora is fairly recent but it has become famous really quick. Children love Dora the explorer and even boys are a big fan of this theme. The fifth theme on the list is the Pirates Theme. The pirates theme has been the most famous, for the longest time, but gained more attention after the Pirates of the Caribbean was released. All the boys wanted the Pirates theme and a captain jack sparrow in their backyard. The sixth theme on the countdown is the Fairy theme. The fairy theme also includes the tinker bell theme. This is popular for baby girls and for girls that are a little older. The Seventh theme, the super hero theme; which includes superman, batman, and Spiderman is most popular among Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas. Boys of all ages are obsessed with their super heroes. On the eight spot there is Arts and Crafts party. Children love a party that includes some activity and crafts. On the ninth spot is the Swimming pool party. Another interactive Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas. On the last spot is the High school Musical Party. This sums up the top 10 ideas of the Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas.


Top 10 Childrens Birthday Parties Ideas

All of these ideas have been the most popular among children. But obviously if your child has another cartoon character in mind that they hold more dear to them than the ones mentioned above, then obviously that will be your top children’s birthday parties idea.