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How To Plan Barbie Birthday Parties

Published at 02/06/2012 21:28:02


Barbie birthday parties are a great way to celebrate a little girl's birthday. If you are planning a Barbie birthday party, you should plan it thoroughly to make sure you are prepared on the party day. Invite close friends and family members and choose the decorations, cake, and venue where you want the party to be. Planning the Barbie birthday parties early will cause less stress as the date approaches.

Step 1


Make or purchase Barbie invitations for Barbie birthday parties. You can make your own by using pink, purple and white paper or cardstock and printer pictures of Barbie. You can purchase Barbie invitations online from party store or at your local department stores, craft and hobby stores or party supply stores. You can also order personalized Barbie invitations that include your child's picture or name. These are available on eBay and Esty. Send out the invitations for Barbie birthday parties at least two weeks before the party date. This will allow guest to make plans to attend on the appropriate day.

Step 2


Choose a venue for the Barbie birthday parties. Choose a location that is easy to find, large enough to accommodate all of your guests and will be easy to decorate. Popular party venues include hotel meeting rooms, community buildings, restaurants and gymnasiums. Book your venue a few weeks before the party to ensure you have it reserved. Get a list of rules and fees associated with the venue and be sure to ask for a receipt once you have paid your deposit. Ask about the number of guests allowed and if you are allow to serve food and drinks. Different venue have different rules. It is important to ask before the day of the Barbie birthday parties so you can plan them properly.

Step 3


Order Barbie decorations online or purchase them from your local party supply store. Most store have licensed Barbie decorations that include printed balloons, tablecloths, streamers, centerpieces and banner. You can also purchase Barbie treat bags that can be used as table decorations and party favors. If you are unable to find Barbie decorations, looks for decorations that match the colors in the Barbie theme. Use pink, white and purple balloons, streamers and tablecloths. You can also purchase plates, cups and cutlery in these colors. Decorations will make the party seem more like Barbie birthday parties and make it more entertaining for guests.

Step 4


Order or bake your own Barbie cake. You can make a sheet cake and decorate it with pink, white and purple icing or use small plastic toy Barbies to decorate it. Dolls cakes are another idea. The top part of Barbie is placed on a the top of an cake. The cake creates the skirt of the Barbie. Many bakeries offer these types of cake for Barbie birthday parties. If you would rather have cupcakes at your party, you can consider decorating them with pink, purple and white icing and using Barbie cupcake toppers. These can be purchased from many department stores or online party supply websites.