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Great Party Favors For Teenager Birthday Parties


Party favors are gifts given to the guests at parties by the host or hostess. These gifts can be varying in prices, texture, product etc. they are given out of courtesy and as thanksgiving to the guests for coming. The host or hostess, according to their budget may buy or make the gifts at home also keeping in mind the time as for formal occasions the time is limited for other things are also to be looked upon. For formal occasions the gifts might be expensive because the host and the hostess have more budgets and there are grownups who attend the wedding and they should not be given invaluable things. For informal occasions like birthday parties, inexpensive gifts are expected and also given out as the budget is relatively less as compared to formal occasions like weddings.


In Britain party favors are called party bags fillers, loot bags or simply goodie bags. In Australia they are called party bags or party packs, in India party favors are termed as return gifts and in the Philippines they are simply called give-a ways. In the past party favors were allotted a certain amount from the overall budget of the occasion. For formal occasions like weddings 20% of the total budget was kept aside for party favors and for informal occasions like birthday parties 5-10% was taken aside from the budget. Party favors also depend on the time you have till the big day, if you have planned the party months in advance then it is better to make them at home with the help of some people, that would be cheaper and you will have more to spend on the occasion itself, but if you don’t have much time then buying the gifts would be better. Party favors are appropriate for occasions like birthday celebrations, weddings, christening and other social events.


Party favors vary with the nature of the occasion. For example if it’s a birthday party of a baby then the guests will be other children along with their parents, there party favors like goodie bags with a toy or a chocolate in it would be suitable for the kids, if it’s a Halloween party then giving out treats as party favors would be suitable and if the occasion is an anniversary then giving out something that people can look upon in the future for good memories would be efficient. Bouquets are also an option for party favors for formal occasions. For gatherings such as birthday parties gifts such as confetti, party hats and gift bags are mostly given out. But for teenage birthday parties there are several things that you can give out as thanksgiving for joining the party. You can buy empty CDs and fill them with music of the choice of the person the favor will belong to, you can make thank you cards using your creativity, you can buy simple mugs and decorate them with designs and colors, if you have just invited your close friends then you must know their likes and dislikes and you can buy them what they like, for girls you can buy jewelry or hand bags etc and for boys you can buy then sun glasses, t-shirts or wallets are the most suitable items as party favors you can also give out key chains, this will also lessen down your expenses.


Tips and comments


Teenagers love to get together and enjoy, so why not give them something that they can enjoy together? For example you can arrange for a movie for all of them after the party, this might cost you less than giving out individual gifts. Also teenagers are always asking for money because no one knows what every individual wants except themselves so as rewards for the games that you must have planned for your party you can give them money! This idea will also satisfy all guests as no one will feel that hay have been given unsatisfying or different gifts and they will also be able to buy what they want from the money they won from the games. There are many party favors that you can give which will also satisfy your guests and win you their admiration so use your creativity and win your guests’ hearts! 

By Anushay Q., published at 12/24/2011
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Great Party Favors For Teenager Birthday Parties . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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