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Unique Themes For Birthday Parties With Dj


These days every young girl or boy wants a special theme for her or his big birthday bash. There a lot of new ideas and themes those are loved by the children. These include themes like the “Football theme” is loved by a lot of boys. Some other themes like Barbie, princess, fairies etc are loved by little girls. Whatever the theme may be, there is always a need for the dj in the birthday parties. The birthday parties with dj are enjoyed by all. There is an ambiance of entertainment and joy everywhere in the party. Girls and boys dance to their favorite songs and even play games along the sound of music. Games like musical chairs and passing the parcel are typical favorites of the party guests. The dj plays a round of songs that are up beat and fast. Afterwards he plays the birthday songs while the birthday girl or boy is cutting the cake. There are roars of laughter in the party area as the cake is smashed on each other’s faces. 



A historian named Elizabeth Peck has studied and written about all the birthdays in the past. She says that the birthdays were simple and more fun. The parents did not have to spend as much money as they do now on the birthday parties with dj. A few decades ago, birthday parties were much simpler and elegant. All you needed for a birthday bash was a house having a ball room in it. A lot of servants were also required to help in setting up the furniture and other things for the birthday. A huge birthday cake was baked with love by the grandparent of the birthday child. There was much simplicity in those times. But after the 1800’s, the Victorian women started arranging special theme-based birthday parties for their children to show off their wealth and the properties they owned. From then onwards, this trend of arranging high class spendthrift parties was started. 



The basic features a birthday party with a dj would include a stereo system with an experienced dj. The dj should be able to switch songs faster than someone could request for them. The stereo system must be well handled. The wires should not get in the way of someone. There should be an extra space for the speakers and woofers to be placed on. Other important features include the number of chairs. The number of chairs in a birthday party should be more than the guests invited. The most important feature of a birthday party is the birthday cake. The cake should be baked to perfection. There should be no taste issues. It should match the theme of the party. It should have the name of the birthday cake written on it. There should be a special table for the child to cut the cake on. There should be cameras available for capturing all the lovely moments in a birthday bash.


Tips and comments

The tip to have a perfect birthday party is to have one particular theme. When everybody is dressed according to the theme, there is nobody that would look odd or isolated. The dj is a must for birthday bashes because the kids always need some music to dance along to. For example, if the birthday theme is of “pirates”, all the children should dress accordingly. The cake should also be in resemblance of a pirate ship. Location also matters a lot. The best location selected for a birthday is very memorable. For a pirate’s birthday, the central park or maybe something close to the beach would be a fun idea. The beach party will also have more games to play. Although birthday bashes are now a necessity for all the young children, still they should realize that their parents cannot afford such birthday bashes every year. If money is not the issue, there are certain other difficulties like stress that lead to failure of extravagant birthday parties. The children should cooperate with their parents. 

By Anushay Q., published at 12/24/2011
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Unique Themes For Birthday Parties With Dj . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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