10 Tips on Planning Childrens Birthday Parties
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10 Tips on Planning Childrens Birthday Parties

Published at 02/20/2012 03:47:30


10 Tips on Planning Childrens Birthday Parties

It’s not easy to plan children's birthday parties because you have to think of so many things to make the party successful. Children are sometimes difficult to please, but there is nothing more delightful than hosting a successful event. Whether you are planning to host children's birthday parties for your own kids or help someone out, there are plenty of ways to get that party kicking.

Step 1

Involve your child in the planning

Get your child involved as much as possible by letting him/her decide on the guest list and what he/she wants to do during the party. If you are hosting children's birthday parties for younger children, consider nap times, so it's not wise to hold a party in the afternoon.

Step 2

Make a list of your guests

Begin by putting together a list of your child’s invited guests. No matter how large or small the group is, making a list for children's birthday parties gives an estimate of how much food you are going to need, decor, space, and party bags.

Step 3

Decide on a venue

Now that you have an estimate of the number of invitees that you have, check whether you have enough space at home to host a gathering of this sort. In summer or late spring, it is easier to organize children's birthday parties in the yard where you have more room. The weather, however, is unpredictable. What may seem like a fine day in the morning, can take a turn for the worse, mid afternoon and turn your children's birthday parties into a disaster when rains or showers occur. If you are hosting the event outside, make sure that you have an alternative place inside the home for the unexpected weather events. You might also consider the option of hosting children's birthday parties at any popular restaurant or even rent a function room.

Step 4

Think of the menu

Children are picky eaters. To make sure that there is a choice for everyone, make sure that your menu offerings cover the most popular and favorites of any kid: chicken, pizzas, hot dogs on buns, and macaroni cheese. Take note if there are special requirements of invited kids such as allergies or diet restrictions because of religion. You don’t want to offend someone or medical urgencies to happen on your children’s birthday parties. Inform parents as well if you are serving lunch or just light snacks.

Step 5

Send out invitations and RSVP well in advance

Send out invitations early (snail mail or email) to make sure that you get the right estimate of the number of guests for your children's birthday parties. Put a note on your invitations that you need confirmation. If you don’t get an RSVP, call the parents anyway to make sure that you are not over or under estimating the number of guests.

Step 6

Decorate the room or venue

Depending on where you choose to hold the party, think of decorations for your children's birthday parties that are easy to put up and down, but give a festive atmosphere. Make sure that they are well placed without someone tripping on banners and streamers.

Step 7

Think of loot or party bags

Children's birthday parties are synonymous with receiving loot bags at the end of the party. You can choose bags filled with sweets or even personalize your children's birthday parties with a useful memento such as tiny mugs or single picture frames. 

Step 8

Find an appropriate theme

Whether you and the celebrant decide on a theme, let invitees know in advance if they have to arrive dressed up as a character. Have a few costumes ready for those who have forgotten to wear theirs.

Step 9

Plan entertainment

Hire clowns, jump castles, face painter, and even a magician to entertain the kids. Put appropriate music in the background and think of party games you could do when they start to get bored.

Step 10

Don’t overdo things

Children's birthday parties can be fun, but at the same time, stressful. Don’t take more than you or your budget can handle. Set realistic expectations so you can enjoy a special event in your child's life.


10 Tips on Planning Childrens Birthday Parties

Don't forget the birthday cake and candles. They are the most awaited part of children's birthday parties. If you are ordering one, make sure to pick it up first at least 3 hours before the party begins, in case the unexpected happens like a car breaking down or being stuck in traffic.

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