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Tips For Hosting Toddlers Birthday Parties

Published at 02/22/2012 18:36:16


Toddlers birthday parties can be celebrated in a number of ways. Each parent adores their little one and wants to share this love with others. There are some interesting historic traditions for toddlers birthday parties that are still being practiced today. A parent should choose to go with a party that feels right to them. There is no need to feel as if toddlers birthday parties are competitions. There are numerous ways to plan a child’s birthday party. Pick the party plan that will make your cherished toddler feel special and loved.


There are many different cultural traditions for toddlers birthday parties all over the world. Birthday cakes can be traced back to the Dark Ages when cooks baked their cakes with special items like fortunes and coins. People in England still practice this tradition today. Some Asian cultures utilize a special dinner using longer pasta for good luck. In some countries, it is customary for the child to honor the mother on the birth date. Gifts, celebrations and religious ceremonies were often done in times past to ward off evil spirits. It was thought that by having a toddlers birthday party, the evil spirits would be satisfied and leave the child alone.

In many countries such as Panama and Mexico, pinatas are an expected item at toddlers birthday parties. This custom has carried over into many other countries today. A small pinch, spank or punch for good luck was often given to the birthday child. One extra would bring a year’s worth of good luck. In some cultures, the whole community turns out to commemorate a toddlers birthday party. The food, traditions and other customs may be different depending on which country the child lives in. Children are special to people all around the globe.


There are many ways to make your small birthday guests feel welcome and happy. A party host should always have a back up plan as far as activities are concerned. Also, there should be an alternate plan if the party is to be held outdoors. There could be a rain date decided beforehand. Another possibility is to move the party indoors. This takes some strategic organization and planning in advance. There are so many ideas and options for entertaining young people. It is a good idea to have the party move quickly from one activity to another. Toddler's attention spans are not very long. Choose a variety of games, activities and other ways to occupy your special toddler and guests. With a little thought and planning, a toddler birthday party can be a huge success.

Tips and comments

-Gather ideas for parties specifically for toddlers by searching for toddler party ideas on the Internet.

-Make sure there is enough adult to child ratio to keep the party running smoothly.

-Realize that many parents may feel that they are invited too. If you are not planning this sort of a party, make it clear by the invitation wording.

-Ensure there is the proper amount of space for the number of guests and their parents if invited.