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In today’s world, we are constantly looking for things that are bigger and better. And one’s children’s birthday parties are definitely no different. Most parents struggle to find unique themes and ideas for their children’s birthday parties, especially because so many ideas have been done too many times before. Why not try out some ideas suggested below; who knows may be you will have a different experience on your next birthday or that of your loved one.


Most children’s birthdays parties have common themes- little girls tend to love things like Barbie, or any party that has a princess theme to it, while boys are more likely to choose something along the lines of the old favorites like Superman, Batman or Spiderman, or more recently Ben10 and Cars, from the latest hit movies. So are there any unique themes or ideas left for your child’s birthday party? Yes they are there, you can choose from any of these themes, depending with your child’s favourite theme. Find out from him what his preferences are and you will never go wrong.

Some unique themes that are still popular for birthday parties for younger children include 'cops and robbers', or a pirate theme, for the boys. Fun games can be based around these themes. For the girls, a tea party, complete with miniature tea cups, saucers and cutlery, is bound to be a hit. Try it out and you have nothing to lose.


A great way to ensure that your child birthday party is unique, while still being something that they want, is to choose a theme, such as their favorite movie, and let all of his or her friends dress up as characters from that movie or show. Children love dressing up, and it makes for an even more interesting party. What is your child’s favorite movie or film? Use that when you do the dressing thing and the kids will fall in love with the whole thing.

Other unique ideas for birthdays include pool parties, complete with fake beach sand and umbrellas. If you don't have a pool, or the children are too young, you can always make use of some smaller splash pools. If you have a pool then use it for your pool party but make sure you have put all security measures in place. Kids need a lot of monitoring when they play in around the pool area.

Tips and comments

A fun and very unique idea is to get the children to make the cakes and sweets for the party. This is a great activity to keep them busy - plus they get to actually eat what they've made! This is an exciting idea for them especially if it’s a girl birthday party.

For the more adventurous, and perhaps older, children, why not take them somewhere that offers horse riding or obstacle courses? Both are something unique, and are a great deal of fun, and have the added bonus of allowing your children to enjoy some time in the outdoors. These are some  of the interesting birthday places ideas you can think of next time you are planning to have a party.

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