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Art Institute Of Vancouver Burnaby

Published at 02/27/2012 04:38:31


The Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby is a place of education where aspiring artists can be in a environment where they can reach there full potential. There are a range of artists and professionals on the faculty to offer a diverse and fun education, so when you emerge you are ready to enter a entry level position in a chosen field. In this article we will supply you with a step-by step procedure on how to apply for the art institute of Vancouver Burnaby.

Step 1

First, you must complete your high school education to be considered for the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby. However there is one exception being that if you are over twenty and via age, education and background meet the other requirements of the art institute at Vancouver Burnaby you will be considered for admission.

Step 2

Secure an interview with the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby, this can either be via phone or in person. The interview will be with the assistant director of admission, and the focal point of the interview will be on three points. Number one is your background and interests. Second is your desired area of study, and third, they will provide information pertaining to the curriculum of the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby.

Step 3

Both an application and enrollment agreement must be filled out either online or via mail. This application will need to include a $150 fee ( $100 assessment fee and $50 for the application). This application will need to be signed by yourself and a guardian if you are a minor.

Step 4

You will also need in your application an essay and an academic transcript. The essay will need to be around 250 words and the topic is your prospective career goals and subsequently how the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby will aid in you reaching these career aspirations. If your first language is not English you will also be required to submit proof of your English abilities via a TOEL test. On the non-online version you will need a score of 480 or higher and if its online you will need a score of 157 and higher if you wish to study at the art institute of Vancouver Burnaby.

Step 5

Also, if you wish to enter a degree program at the Art Institute you will need evidence of your English and math abilities. In regards to English, you will need a grade of C or higher in English 12 or the adqaute equivalent, and with maths you will also need a minimum grade of C in Math 11 or the equivalent.

Step 6

If your interview and application are deemed suitable for the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby, you will be contacted and the additional arrangements made.


The areas of study available at the Art Institute of Vancouver Burnaby are culinary, design, media arts, and fashion. If you are wishing to apply for the culinary area of study, you will also need to submit valid medical insurance, a note from your doctor saying your in good health, and a negative test result for tuberculosis with your application.


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