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How To Apply To The Art Institute Oc

About the Institute

The Art Institute OC is a private art college in California, and is a part of the network of Art Institutes that are scattered all over America. There are thirteen art departments at the Art Institute OC, a culinary school, a restaurant called Fifty Forks, and a dormitory complex. The classes are conducted by industry professionals.

Applying to any institute can be a rather hectic process, but these tips should help you make the most of your decision to apply to the Art Institutes OC.

Step 1

First, to ensure that you are not disappointed later, you should do some light research and find out about the requirements of the Art Institute OC from its applicants. Make sure you have the skill set they desire their students to have. There are also age requirements for every institute, so you should look into that matter as well. If you fulfil the requirements, either schedule a visit to the Institute, or apply online.

Step 2

The Art Institute OC places a high value on individualism and not just on numbers and your performance at high school. You are also required to write essays dealing with topics set by the Institute, that will shed some light on your personality and ambitions, so be ready to put in some work on your application.

Step 3

On the basis of your application, you will be interviewed by a panel of the Art Institute OC. This interview may either be in person, or over the telephone. In this interview, be confident and be sure to put your best foot forward. The interviewers will try to probe into just what you want from the Institute and also what you will bring to it. They will also provide you with useful information about the curriculum and support given to students at the Art Institute OC.

Step 4

Higher education can be rather expensive, so be sure to ask family, friends or anyone who has an idea about how the fee structure at the Art Institute OC is. If you think that you cannot easily arrange that amount of money, you do not need to despair. There are many scholarships that are available to deserving students, and the Institute will be happy to help you out, telling you in detail about its financial aid programmes. The official website of the Art Institute OC will be helpful, as they have a comprehensive guide to such matters.

Step 5

It is also important to find out about student life on campus. If you are fresh out of high school, staying away from home and doing all your chores on your own can be overwhelming at first, but there will always be people to help you and make your time at the Art Institute OC memorable and productive. Those who have been working or have already completed a course at college will also find it difficult to manage many things at the same time, so it would be a good step to find out about student support, health services and housing at the Institute.


Talk to others who have applied to art institutes to get some idea of life in art school and how you can make the most of your interview. Do not be shy to ask those who are already in that field of study a lot of questions. Do try to schedule a visit to the Art Institute.

The Art Institute's website is full of resources and tips, so make sure you visit it. You can also find the online application form there.

By Aurora K, published at 02/24/2012
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