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Tips For Advertising Your Home Improvement Services

Mastering the Skills for Home Improvement Advertising

For those of you that have the skills and the talent for doing home improvement, you could not be in a better position for a career these days. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles have created even more of a demand for home improvement services. Let's assume you have put together a little home improvement business and are ready to announce your services and open for business. You probably need tips for home improvement advertising. Check out the many ways you can advertise your services. Some methods are inexpensive and others cost more, but all of them are worth a try to get new customers.



Step 1

Place ads in several sources and run them weekly or monthly until you build up a steady list of clients. Run a weekly ad in the local newspaper. Contact two or three online classified websites such as Craigslist and place an advertisement in home improvement sections for your state and city. Join several home improvement directory websites where you can list your experience and services. Many of these sites are free. Consider placing an ad in the local telephone directory.

Check out trade magazines for home improvement services. These types of ads are generally more expensive than others, but magazines with articles focused on the services you provide draw the attention from readers. Spend some time looking at several magazines and comparison shop their prices and circulation numbers. Try placing an ad in one trade magazine as an experiment and see if home improvement advertising in magazines pays off.


Step 2

Contact several hardware stores, building material retailers, paint stores and home improvement centers, and ask permission to post your home improvement advertising on their bulletin boards or next to the cash register.


Step 3

Visit a print shop or two and get pricing quotes for advertising door hangers. These are those small advertisements designed to hang on people's doorknobs. List your business name, phone number and highlight the services you provide. Offer an introductory discount coupon to attract attention. Distribute these on the front doors of all the local neighborhoods that you service. You are bound to get a few calls from interested homeowners with this type of home improvement advertising.


Step 4

Create a portfolio of previous work to use for home improvement advertising at trade shows. Trade shows are an excellent way to advertise services and products. These are featured in almost all states several times a year. Some of them can be expensive. However, if you set up an eye-catching booth with large photos of your work and offer discounts, you should pick up new customers and maybe referrals. Trade shows are also the perfect place to network with other people in your industry and learn about ideas for home improvement advertising and other ways to pick up new customers.



Other forms of home improvement advertising include making signs for your work trucks. Business signs on vehicles attract attention and can be written off as a business expense. Two other excellent methods for home improvement advertising are to build your own website and advertise on social-media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Social-media sites are becoming the rage these days as a place to advertise services and network within your industry.

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By Janet Zurr, published at 03/28/2012
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